Halloween 2013

Why John Carpenter Is the Most Underrated Filmmaker Of Our Time | Filmmakers, Film Industry, Film Festivals, Awards & Movie Reviews | Indiewire.

To quickly open up my blog entry on Halloween 2013(as demonstrated by the link above),Indiewire printed a really dumb article with its writer claiming that John Carpenter is one of the world’s most underrated filmmakers. Underrated ?!?! This is the guy that’s made not only classics such as THE THING,THEY LIVE,ESCAPRE FROM NEW YORK,and THE FOG,but only the one significant Halloween film that’s simply called HALLOWEEN and is strongly considered to be a classic by many. For what is this article’s writer highly intoxicated on when writing this,for Carpenter is truly one of the all-time filmmaking greats(even if he isn’t working as frequently as he did in the 80s and 90s).

Otherwise,I recently caught the new CARRIE redux and enjoyed it for what it was(since you can’t top Brian DePalma’s 1976 original[which the 2003 TV remake couldn’t do]),with both Chloe Grace Moratz and Julianne Moore strongly holding their own and even stronger performances from the supporting cast(Gabriella Wilde[next year’s ENDLESS LOVE remake{?!?!}],Portia Doubleday,Judy Greer,[the Taylor Lautner looking] Ansel Elgort) making this film watchable,although it’s even more frightening in knowing that both GRAVITY and BAD GRANDPA are the current top films at the box office and CARRIE being the sole horror film of this year’s Halloween season,which is cringe worthy enough(to know as news).

We’ve also lost more celebrities,with the likes of rock legend Lou Reed(who’ll be sadly known to younger fans as the guy who did that super bizarre LULU album with Metallica),TV veteran Marcia Wallace,and stuntman-turned-filmmaker Hal Needham. Its sad knowing how many familiar celebs we’re losing on a weekly basis.

And,Las Vegas-based film festival czar Chad Clinton Freeman made some shocking comments following the wrap-up of his recent Pollygrind Film Festival in saying that both the Las Vegas film community nad filmmakers are all “pitiful and pathetic”,since a handful of them were too busy with their own personal schedules to accept his invites to his festival. That’s a really douchy attitude that Freeman has upon his own town considering that not only was the long gone CineVegas the inspiration for Freeman’s Pollygrind,but the local store/theater The Sci-Fi Center and its owner William Powell aided Freeman in setting up and holding his very first Pollygrind(where The Soska Sisters[Jen and Sylvia] kicked off their career[winning the Best Picture award there for their debut film DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK]). Even if Vegas is a lot different from Los Angeles when it comes to festivals having sell-out crowds,Freeman should be more fully appreciative of his current hometown or just move both himself and Pollygrind to L.A. if he strongly feels that hostile about the Vegas film community(and making himself look like a complete douchebag in the process).

Otherwise,I’m debating on whether to go out again for Halloween night(on the Vegas Strip),as well as not having a 31 Days Of Halloween Horror month(since I’ve got too way many various genre films to watch),and I’m heavily wondering just what the fucking hell is “mumblegore” ?!

On A Non-Halloween Note: Quickly Run To See Jackie Chan’s CHINESE ZODIAC(A.K.A.: ARMOUR OF GOD 3,OPERATION CONDOR 3),Which Is Total Vintage Jackie Chan From Beginning To End,And It’s Having A Current Limited Theatrical Release,And See It If It Plays Your Nearest Theater

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