Rumor on Hulk Hogan Agreeing to Work with WWE Again

Rumor on Hulk Hogan Agreeing to Work with WWE Again.

Yes,they’re spreading faster than the likes of wildfire,the TNA sales rumors(whoever buys that federation[whether it be Jake The Snake Roberts or Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan] will likely hold the expected on-air firing of Dixie Carter),and the ever undying(and inescapable) Sting Vs. Undertaker rumors(for a match that’ll never likely happen),for word rumoredly has it that a fresh-out-of-TNA Hulk Hogan(amid his scandals,insane self publicity,and all) is working on a major WWE return,which wouldn’t bother me at all(and is something I could live with) although it looks more to be like(which I’m strongly sensing) he’ll be there to become a new Raw General Manager(with the axing of current GM Brad Maddox and the title stripping of current title holder Randy Orton both likely to happen),as well as be the host for WrestleMania 30,since his body is too broken down and injured to be wrestling any major matches. And if the Slammy Awards happen next month,expect Hogan to be there to give the Best Wrestler Of The Year title to Daniel Bryan(if they do that show this year).

Otherwise,’Nuff Said.

ENDER’S GAME Is Number One At The Box Office(For The Start Of The November/Fall/Close To Christmas Box Office Season),Signaling The Return Of a Super Popular Sci-Fi Film Series(Next To STAR TREK),Since One Of Its Stars Is The Star Of ENDER’S GAME

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