RIP Gary Arlington, underground comix hero | SF Arts

RIP Gary Arlington, underground comix hero | SF Arts.

Reading about the passing of the guy who was important to establishing the comic book scene brings back a lot of memories,for I used to regularly frequent his comic book store during my teen years(late 70s-early 80s)and early-to-mid 20s and Gary always pushed me to pursue my dreams of pursuing work in the genre business,which unfortunately got overcrowded during my time of pursuing it:too late this computer technology we now have wasn’t around then.

Reading the many tributes to Gary made me realize how much of an inspiration he was to a lot of people,and it makes glad to have known him during my years of san Francisco life,for he’ll definitely be heavily missed.

The Oscar Nominations Are Out,For Surprised To See THE LONE RANGER Up For Two Oscars(Best Make-Up and Best Special Effects) and BAD GRANDPA up for another Oscar(Best Make-Up),With Leonardo DiCaprio Up For A Best Actor Oscar But Tom Hanks Completely Left Out

Steven M.


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