Current Wrasslin'(Wrestling) News

       With the massive negative fallout from last night(as of this writing)’s Royal Rumble 2014,I just had to jump into doing a quick blog on the current goings-on in the world of the squared circle…

      * ROYAL RUMBLE 2014: everyone(including the WWE’s very own Mick Foley) was very angered and upset by it,but I surely wasn’t since I always expected it end that way,with Daniel Bryan beaten,Randy Orton and The Wyatt Family triumphant,and Batista winning the Rumble,since that’s the way the WWE always works(and functions).

     * TNA: it’s a badly sinking ship from the rumors that have been going around,with Sting reportedly having jumped off that ship(with his contract having ran its course) and Kurt Angle soon likely to follow(since his contract is up this coming September).

    * R.I.P.: MAE YOUNG; a legendary women’s wrestler(who was very active in the late 90s/early 00s[/2000s] as the resident dirty old lady) is sadly gone,and will be heavily missed.


   * EDDIE EDWARDS AND DAVEY RICHARDS IN TNA: Ring Of Honor’s American Wolves are now aboard the shipping TNA ship,since the WWE’s Triple H didn’t want them(and is much more interested in concentrating upon both the NXT/FCW developmental wrestlers and obtaining Sting),for we’ll see how long their TNA ride will last.

  * JEFF JARRETT’S AND TOBY KEITH’S NEW WRESTLING FEDERATION AND KONNANB’S AMERICANIZED VERSION OF AAA: They’re both slowly in the works and I won’t comment on them until they actually happen(and become a reality). Best to luck to the three of them,BTW.

   * HULK HOGAN AND RODDY PIPER AT WRESTLEMANIA 30: It’s confirmed to happen,although I really hope that it’s only on a WrestleMania Piper’s Pit segment and not an actual unnecessary wrestling event(considering that Hogan is in too bad of a shape to actually wrestle).

  * WRESTLING PODCASTS: It seems that everybody nowadays has one,from Jason “Solomonster” Solomon to Don Tony and Kevin Castle,to Konnan(and his good pals Court Bauer and Maurice St. Laurent) and Jim Cornette(who is the most over guy in wrestling,alongside Daniel Bryan),with a lot of their own opinions to say.

  * DANIEL BRYAN’S PROMISED 2014 MONSTER PUSH: With the WWE folks not having faith in him but yet constantly getting an endless crowd reaction(even when he joined the heel team The Wyatt Family,and isn’t included in the Royal Rumble 2014),the WWE is now slowly listening to the fans/WWE Universe and heavily promises that Bryan push,although when it’ll eventually happen is another likely real life story.

 * THOSE “STING IN THE WWE” RUMORS: Now that his TNA contract has ended,rumor has it that Triple H has been courting Sting,advising him not to return to TNA(where he’s accomplished everything he ever wanted over there,and there’s nothing left to achieve for him there) and to join the WWE,even to the point of re-naming him “A Man Called Sting” (Rolls Eyes),as well as rumors of a deal always in place between HHH,the WWE and Sting. With the Sting merchandise(that’s connected to his WCW past) and eventual future WWE Hall Of Fame induction in place,as well as the monstrous negative response to the Royal Rumble wins of Randy Orton and Batista(and the endless hate for John Cena),it hopefully looks as though Sting In The WWE might actually happen,since that would bring a much needed enormous charge back to the WWE and spark major interest in both them and the Universe(the WWE fans/fanbase),as well as slowly build up that longly wished Undertaker/Sting WrestleMania Streak match,even if it would take a year to properly build around it and maybe start off as Sting being ‘Taker’s secret mystery partner against The Shield(which causes their break-up[and Roman Reigns to turn face]),as Jason Solomon/Solomonster wisely suggested(with having a WWE Raw vignette of ‘Taker digging out a coffin from the WCW cemetery[complete with a crow landing on the coffin’s tombstone] and bringing it to his PPV Shield match,where he opens it up to reveal Sting inside,who then immediately popping out from the coffin and ready to fight),and then later have a major fall-out that sets up the WrestleMania match as a Streak Vs. Career match. As well as have Sting get into some matches with the likes of Daniel Bryan,CM Punk,Brock Lesnar,Batista,Randy Orton,and The Rock(when he makes his eventual return). And yes,Sting would also have to be on a limited contract basis(ala Brock Lesnar,The Rock,and Rob Van Dam/RVD) in order to fully accept the WWE’s latest deal.

    There you go with my thoughts on the current news of wrestling,without a mention of that delusional,out-of-touch-with-reality,Panda Energy-based middle aged lady from Spike TV land(just add the initials DC and D….land and you’ll immediately know you I’m referring to here[without giving any unnecessary free publicty]).


Steven M.


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I'm just a simple genre cinema fan(NOT a fanboy and NOT a geek)who widely glimpses onto the latest in cinema news,cinema events,and world news of the day events,and just to warn you(especially if you're one of those politically correct elitists,or strongly despise folks that never brownnose the genre cinema media press):I do sharply bite.
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