Since March 2014 Is Here…

      I just realized that I haven’t written a new blog entry for a month and decided to wrote about something other than just wrestling news(sorry,no news on the Netflix-esque The WWE Network),for here’s about some stuff I’ve been up to lately(since it’s rarity that I write at all about what goes on in my private life,since my private life is my private life and is of no interest to anyone but only myself[since I’ve got no exciting details or happenings to discuss about)….

    * I recently saw both NON-STOP(which is excellent) and 3 DAYS TO KILL(which is a great Kevin Costner actioneer,by way of Luc Besson[who I suspect might have ghost directed some of this film,since half of it consists of the complex drama that only Besson can tackle,and not the credited director McG[the hackmeister that he is],and I’m not saying that Besson co-directed,but I do get that funny feeling that he might have…).

   * While the guys at the Video Junkie website spent their February watching(and reviewing) Bud Spencer’s early 90s Italian TV series DETECTIVE EXTRALARGE(via a series of 90 minutes films),I spent mine watching the filmworks of Tinto Brass,whose films mainly play like softcore Emmanuelle films with lots of nudity and a bit of hardcore antics mixed in(as evident in ALL LADIES DO IT,PAPRIKA,THE VOYEUR,MONAMOUR,and his last film,the World War II drama SENSO ’45[BLACK ANGEL]),but his 1970 film THE HOWL(L’URLO) is a surrealistic experience that dwelves into Alejandro Jodorowsky land(only with lots of trademark Brass cinematic nudity) and doesn’t make a lick of sense,but its amazing psychedelic visuals is what makes this film worth tracking down and watching.

   * Rob Zombie has now ditched his planned 70s hockey drama BROAD STREET BULLIES(for now) and is now working on a Charles Manson project,for there just isn’t any need for this Manson project to be done since Jim VanBebber’s long-in-the-works(15 years[!!!]) -but-eventually released THE MANSON FAMILY(CHARLIE’S FAMILY) was the definitive Manson film(as well as the final word on that subject).

  * I recently went back to taking up yoga(which I did in the mid and late 90s,but couldn’t keep up with it due to excessively working[which I don’t do at the moment]),but have now ventured back into that area and I’m starting to take up Fly And Thai Yoga classes,which is a very physical and acrobatic form of yoga,and which I’ve got to get myself back in shape for(since I gained 40-50 pounds over last Summer and Winter) and get my body physically strong again(since I find learning this form of yoga exciting and fun,and hope to fully master it).

  * I every now-and-then once-in-a-while visit Steve Savage’s parties,for I just got to quickly say that both Jolene Hexx and Addie Juniper are very cool chicks. 

   * I just checked out my blog site status of and learned that lots of folks venture here to catch up on news about Jackie Chan’s POLICE STORY 2013,Jeff Speakman,and Warrant’s Jani Lane,which is surprising since my site stats always say that folks come here to frequently read my “TV Shows That Suck!” post.

    That’s it for now,for I’ll return here again real soon….

Jeff Jarrett Is Keeping Everyone In Stitches With His Weird On-Line Spots About His Upcoming Wrestling Company(With Toby Keith),For They Look More Like Spots For A Reality TV Series(Since Karen Angle Jarrett Is Involved In Half Of Them),And It Would Be Really Funny(And Very Completely Shocking) If Sting Ditched Both The WWE And TNA For This Impending Federation…

 Steven M. 



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I'm just a simple genre cinema fan(NOT a fanboy and NOT a geek)who widely glimpses onto the latest in cinema news,cinema events,and world news of the day events,and just to warn you(especially if you're one of those politically correct elitists,or strongly despise folks that never brownnose the genre cinema media press):I do sharply bite.
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