George Zimmerman Signs Autographs At Orlando Gun Show (?!?!): Are Chiller Theatre,Cinema Wasteland,Monsterpalooza,and DaysOfTheDead Next ?!

George Zimmerman signs autographs at Orlando gun show | Orange County News – WESH Home.

Reality “celebrities” are quite a very sad lot,especially the ones that profit majorly from their tragedies,for whether you’re Amy Fisher,Joey Buttafuoco,John Wayne Bobbitt(who comfortably lives in retirement in North Las Vegas),Kato Kaelin,John Ramsey,or Fred Goldman(I know that his’ was an ongoing vengeful crusade for his slain son Ron,but he unfortunately got highly addicted to the mainstream press cameras: I hope you get the point there),you’re still just a regular joe who only got to the limelight because of something out of the ordinary that happened to you.

Which brings us to George Zimmerman,a Florida-based guy who shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense(as he claims),but is now uglily profiting off of this situation by making appearances in things such as celebrity boxing matches(like his one with DMX that got cancelled),and now making an autograph appearance at an Orlando,Fl gun show. This money paying gig doesn’t make his situation nor his state-of-mind any better,considering that he got recently divorced and also got arrested for physically abusing his current girlfriend. It also highly questions upon whether or not he actually killed Trayvon in self defense,and if whether or not he’s an emotionally stable person who’s capable of owning a gun,which makes this all of the more mind boggling.

If George Zimmerman actually now does consider himself a “celebrity”(of the reality tragedy kind),then we might as well expect him to appear at the celebrity dunk tanks of Cinema Wasteland(where he’ll be sporting a mullet wig),Chiller Theatre(where they’ll accept anybody,nowadays),Flashback Weekend,Monsterpalooza,Mad Monster Party,and DaysOfTheDead.

(Widely Rolling My Eyes Upon Those Thoughts)

Coming Soon: To Theaters;THE RAID 2 And (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s) SABOTAGE, To V.O.D.(Video On Demand): TOM YUM GOONG 2/THE PROTECTOR 2

Steven M.


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