Tom Savini In Discussions To Direct New Friday The 13th Film?

Tom Savini In Discussions To Direct New Friday The 13th Film? – Friday The 13th: The Film Franchise.

Amid the two really enormous mysteries surrounding both that missing Mayalsian airplane and Sting(on whether or not he’s actually aligned himself with the WWE,or is still a free agent),word has come out from this weekend’s Mad Monster Party Indiana convention that make-up effects legend/icon Tom Savini is in talks to direct the long planned new FRIDAY THE 13TH. film,which is something that sounds very cool and would be a much needed boost to the series(after the disastrous 2009 reboot/”remake”[from five years ago{it’s also been 5 years since Rob Zombie’s equally disastrous HALLOWEEN 2/H2 was released}]),as long as Tom makes sure that the film displays plenty of cool,inverntive,and proper splattery deaths(which was widely missing in the 2009 reboot/”remake”),and absolutely rejects doing that much-rumored(and very truly unwanted)”found footage” concept(that has been floating around for the next film for the last two years)to give us a proper new and inventive storyline that wisely avoids that reboot/”remake”.

The Current VERONICA MARS Films: Had A Successful Crowdfunding(Via Kickstarter) Campaign,But Was A Poorly Released Monstrous Box Office Failure(Showing That There’s Unfortunately Two Sides To Some Of Those Crowdfunded Projects[Since They Might As Well Have Released It As A Straight-To-DVD/Blu Ray Film])

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