Quick Wrestling News (Plus Some Other Quick Items)

      Before I get to some wrestling news about Jeff Jarrett’s GWF(Global Force Wrestling),Sting,Daniel Bryan,and those endless Ultimate Warrior passing and Undertaker’s Streak defeat items,I’ve got to quickly get into some other things first…

     * I spent last weekend seeing both SABOTAGE and OCULUS,for OCULUS is basically SINISTER with a haunted mirror and it pretty much ends the same way(even if genre vet Katie Sackhoff[BATTLESTAR GALACTICA,THE BIONIC WOMAN,HALLOWEEN:RESURRECTION,THE LAST SENTINEL] gives the film’s best performance),even though it does attempt to be different,while SABOTAGE is vintage Arnold Schwarzenegger action with a spin/twist and lots of nonstop action and gory carnage(such as a murder victim found stapled to the wall,with his shorn intestines hanging out,and a train crash victim whose remains are nothing but tattered flesh and a literal pile of intestines),and is the better film,with newcome Mierelle Enos stealing the show(as one of Arnold’s team members). 

    * Stephen Pearcy has once again left Ratt for a second time,after returning to the band in 2007(after they spent six years on the road with Pearcy sound-a-like replacement Jizzy Pearl[of Love/Hate and L.A. Guns,and now Quiet Riot],but couldn’t make a new album with him[due to the record companies wanting Pearcy on the vocals]),courtesy of all of the endless inner band turmoil(between various members) and drummer Bobby Blotzer’s bad attitude toward Peacry(going as far as saying on someone Facebook posted pic[of that poster’s results of a bad car accident], “I wished this would happen to our singer”). Now Blotzer has killed that change of making any new music with Pearcy and Ratt(after 2009’s excellent retro album “Infestation”[which they received a Grammy nomination for]) and since Jizzy now has his current Quiet Riot gig,Da Blotz will have to find a new singer to continue onward(as long as they’re bale to put up with Da Blotz’s Nikki Sixx/Lars Ulrich-esque “I’m The Band !!!” attitude).  

    * Billy Norcera(of Razorback Records) mentioned on Facebook about horror bloggers bugging him for free copies of his new magazine Evilspeak,for I want to quickly point out here that I’m Not a horror blogger and my blog Isn’t a horror blog,since I talk about a lot of other things,such as wrestling,politics,action,martial arts,a little T&A and porn,whatever is on my mind that I really need to let out(since talking about one thing gets dull and stale really fast),and I Never ask for any freebies and always buy it on my own. BTW: I’m sure that Evilspeak is a great zine(as heavily publicized on the ‘Net as it is),but I unfortunately have got a super busy personal schedule and have no time to buy it or read it(or any other zine),as much as I dig and support indie zines.

    And now,onto the wrestling news…

    * Global Force Wrestling: Jeff Jarrett’s new impending federation is getting a lot of bad word around the IWC for its cheap looking video and its reality TV-esque approach,for I’ll save my word about it till Double J actually produces a shot of his company and one of their matches.

   * Sting has been appearing on the WWE Network’s Ultimate Warrior tribute segments,with a brand new reddish/brown dyed hair,which means he Actually Is In the WWE now(without listening to this “Sting Hasn’t Yet Returned His Sent Contract” bullshit,for it’ll be interesting to see when he’ll debut,if he’ll be debuting an new look(given his new hair color),or if he’s being saved for next year’s WWE Hall Of Fame induction(complete with Warrior-esque brief WrestleMania 31 and post-WM31 WWE Raw appearances). 

  * Daniel Bryan still has the WWE title and is now taking time off to mourn his recently deceased father and to mend injuries from his recent Raw encounter with Kane(his ex-Team Hell No partner). Don Tony/Anthony DeBlasi,Kevin Castle,and all of the Bryan haters really need to get off of Bryan’s case since he’s worked hard in earning the title and is actually now getting time off to lay all of the massive Bryan overhype to rest(for now),and his Yes Movement/fans are now silent since they’re happy that he’s now got the WWE title and is having his go as WWE Champion(as much as I fully understand Don Tony and Kevin Castle’s disdain toward Bryan and his Yes Movement/fans). 

  * Yes,the Ultimate Warrior passing and The Undertaker WrestleMania 30 Streak loss are both endless subjects that continue to charge onward through the IWC and the ‘Net,since they were both extremely shocking and happened at the most unlikely moments. All can I add is that those subjects will both possibly possibly go on for the next couple of weeks and months until later this year,when something new and more shocking comes along.

    That’s it for now….

THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN 2 Arrives In Theaters Next Week,Signaling The Official Start Of The Summer 2014 Movie Season(with the likes of the new GODZILLA and the new X-MEN movie coming along),For Hopefully It’ll Be Real Good(And An Improvement Over The Previous Spidey Reboot Film)

Steven M.

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I'm just a simple genre cinema fan(NOT a fanboy and NOT a geek)who widely glimpses onto the latest in cinema news,cinema events,and world news of the day events,and just to warn you(especially if you're one of those politically correct elitists,or strongly despise folks that never brownnose the genre cinema media press):I do sharply bite.
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