The End Of Extreme Rising

LaBar: Reality Of Extreme Rising closing its doors.

As depicted in Justin LaBar’s article link above,would-be ECW “successor” Extreme Rising(formerly Extreme Reunion) has not only cancelled last weekend’s planned event(as it has with its past planned events),but has also folded as a company,meaning the end for that once-aspiring federation(which was planning its local TV show,with ex-WWE announcer Matt Striker and ex-ECW announcer Joel Gertner both co-hosting[that never got off the ground). It has also left lots of both wrestlers in that company and ticket paying fans very angered and upset about the chaos that has been left amongst them,ala Canada’s similar problem plagued Hardcore RoadTrip(which did have a show happening,but also lots of unpaid and angry wrestling talents[stuck with no money to get a plane ticket home]).

Steve O’Neill is the man to blame for this fiasco,since he began the company two years ago with his brother Mike,wrestling promoter/producer Kevin Kleinrock(of XPW infamy),and wrestlers Cody Michael and Shane Douglas,the latter well known wrestling name who had been busily plugging and promoting the company since its very controversial beginning,a beginning which left fans who were burnt out by endless ECW reunions with a bad taste in their mouths(with Douglas eventually leaving the company late last year). Extrekme Rising was best known for keeping the names(and careers) of ECW veterans Sabu,The Sandman,New Jack(who since retired last year),Raven,Balls Mahoney,Axl Rotten,C.W. Anderson,Tony Mamaluke,Mustafa,Little Guido,The Blue Meanie,Jerry Lynn(who’s also retired last year),Douglas(in a few matches),and Stevie Richards(who was Extreme Rising’s World Heavyweight Champion) alive and busily employed,mixed in with newcomers such as Luke Hawx,Bestia 666,the tag team Blk Out,and Pesadilla,and was the career redemption of Matt Hardy(after a controversial drug-induced Internet meltdown that nearly ruined his career),who has since re-invented himself as a indie wrestling veteran(taking away the “King Of The Indies” title from C.M. Punk). It was also nearly ruined by the horribly botched 2012 debut show that was massively problem plagued,complete with two wrestlers(Sabu and Justin Credible) unable to perform(via alcohol and drug related issues),that nearly deep sixed the company,which then made a few improvements(a few months later) and moved onward,only to be severely dealt with numerous cancelled events in the latter coming months,with this year signaling the end coming in sight,despite a controversial title change from Stevie Richars to Luke Hawx that caused both men to separately leave the company.

I’m probably not giving the best in accurate details about Extreme Rising and how it rose and fell,but I’m just giving my two cents worth on it and I’m sad to see that a promising wrestling federation has mightily crashed and burned(and exploded into flaming pieces),leaving TNA as the only major wrestling alternate company(for now) that has outlasted the likes of XPW,MLW,3PW,Crossfire,Lucha Libre U.S.A.,WWA,MECW,XWF,NWA Wildside,Ring Da King,WSX,WWE’s version of ECW,OVW,and now Extreme Rising,which has now had quite an Extreme Falling.

Links to two articles perfectly describing the Extreme Rising situation…

Before I go,I did hear about the casting of STAR WARS:EPISODE 7,which pretty much leaves May 7th.(STAR WARS day) in the dust and massive frustration upon Billy Dee Williams(a.k.a.: Lando Calrissian) not being amongst the returning veteran cast members. BTW:that newcomer gal Daisy Ridley is pretty damn cute. At least they’re now readying to fully film the movie,for let’s strongly hope that it’s damn spectacular(after the kiddie-intended prequels[with the exception of the more adult EPISODE 3:REVENGE OF THE SITH]).

Well,Well,Well: Kentucker Audley’s Anti-Indie Films Petition Is Indeed An Epic Fail. BAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA !!!! With Indie Genre Cinema Mightily Triumphing Stronger Than Ever…

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