GODZILLA,And A Fistful Of Other Films


     I just realized that we’re currently in the fourth week of May,for I now have to add a quick new blog entry before the month ends,with a handful of film reviews,for here goes…

   * GODZILLA(2014): being the faithful Godzilla fan that I am,I went to this film on its opening day with low expectations since seeing that the director was Gareth Edwards of the extremely boring MONSTERS,but boy,did this film really change my views,since it not only makes us immediately forget Roland Emmerich’s failed 1998 attempt at everybody’s favorite childhood monster icon but also proves that lots of good can come out of an Americanized version of one of Japan’s top cinematic trademarks. Sure,the film skimps on capturing Godzilla having full battles with his two new foes the Muto(who resemble something from a RIDDICK or Gamera film),copies a bit from both GAMERA:GUARDIAN OF THE UNIVERSE and Jan deBont’s unfilmed Godzilla script(when he was attached to the film[at the time]),and concentrates more on the human drama(which is Edwards’ celluloid trademark),but Edwards fully understands Godzilla and makes Godzilla not only the hero here,even if he’s as animalistic and out-of-control as he was in the 90s incarnations,but also makes the actions of monster on the loose very strongly convincing and believable. As annoying as it is with Edwards cutting away from fully displaying the kaiju showdowns,I figure that he didn’t want to fully exploit(and overexpose) the monsters and just make a more cerebral Godzilla film(which is admittingly an interesting idea[and concept]),for maybe Edwards ought to next tackle either a drama or a slow burn genre film(whether it’s action or horror),otherwise he does succeed in redeeming an Americanized Godzilla film and turning out the most financially successful Godzilla film in American theaters(having already grossed around $80+ million[as of this writing]),for it’ll be interesting upon how the next American GODZILLA film will be(and what type of plot it’ll have).

   * THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2: Yes,it was a very good film,and a very fun film.  As Stan Lee always puts it, ‘Nuff Said !!

   * THE QUIET ONES: Hammer Films’ first film in two years bends upon both of the currently popular found footage and ghost story sub-genres and turns out a heavily mixedand disjointed film which has good performances but a weak plot(even if the blonde gal is a nice homage to Julie Ege). Being one of the biggest Hammer Films fans,I solely think that Hammer really needs to go back to their traditional roots in having talented and creative filmmakers,new contract studio ladies/actresses,attempts to fight off falling to the current decade filmmaking and film sub-genre trends,and attempt to create some new Hammer Films superstars,if they are to fully succeed and make it through the rest of the decade(and 21st. century) rather than solely existing as just being there(which is what it’s starting to feel like).

   * THE BUTTERFLY ROOM: Having seen a friend’s screener copy,all I can say is “Wow !!”  Made three years ago and has yet to be released on U.S. DVD/Blu Ray,this U.S./Italian film(with American stars and an Italian crew) features horror icon Barbara Steele(in her first top billed lead role in 48 years[!!!]) as a mentally unbalanced elderly lady who goes off the very deep end when she falls victim to a money scamming scheme,via a conning child and her amputee prostitute mother(who con middle aged and elderly ladies for money),and kills anyone who’s in her sights,no matter what sex,race,and age(including children) they are,as well as eventually terrorizes her (good relationship having) neighbors(a single swinging mother and her nine year old daughter). The trailer unfortunately makes it look like a psychotic child abuser film,which it really isn’t,and a strong supporting cast(Heather Langenkamp[as Steele’s troubled,vengeful daughter],Ray Wise,Camille Keaton,and quick cameos by James Karen,P.J. Soles,and FRIDAY THE 13TH.’s Adrienne King)helps makes this a great and chilling film,as well as re-establishes Barbara Steele as the primo top horror queen(with her latest film LOST RIVER [formerly HOW TO CREATE A MONSTER] coming along the way). BTW: the title room happens to be where Steele stores more than just her butterfly collection.

  That’s the end of my reviews,and that’s also all for now….

So,Rob Zombie’s New Film Project Is Something Called 31(Instead Of His Planned-But-Canned 70s Hockey Drama BROADSTREET BULLIES),Eh ?! And He’s Teasing That It’ll Be Either HALLOWEEN 3/3-D(Since The Weinstein Brothers Are Slowly Gearing That Sequel Up[Without The Involvement Of Patrick Lussier And Todd Farmer,But With Scout Taylor Compton Reportedly Returning]),A New Captain Spaulding/Firefly Family Film,Or A John Wayne Gacy Tale,With The Fans All Wildly Riled Up and Rob Z. Kicking Back And Laughing About It(Since He Really Enjoys Manipulating And Toying With His Fans)

Steven M.


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I'm just a simple genre cinema fan(NOT a fanboy and NOT a geek)who widely glimpses onto the latest in cinema news,cinema events,and world news of the day events,and just to warn you(especially if you're one of those politically correct elitists,or strongly despise folks that never brownnose the genre cinema media press):I do sharply bite.
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