Should Pantera And Original Guns N Roses Line-Up Reunite ?

       Here’s something I just felt I had to quickly write about…

       There’s been lots of word on the Internet about two certain bands that should reunite,since Led Zeppelin isn’t ever going to do it(via singer Robert Plant’s never ending reluctance due to both the loss of drummer John Bonham[who was his best friend],and how being reunited wouldn’t feel the same,ala The Beatles’ similar feelings in the mid-to-late 70s),at least by their die hard fans that strongly refuse to believe that those two bands should remain dead and just move on,for I’m talking about both Pantera and Guns N Roses’ original line-up.

      I’m no fan of either of those two bands,although I do respect the musicianship in both of them(although the antics of GNR singer Axl Rose are in a completely separate universe). I won’t get into some people wanting to see Axl reunite with his original bandmates Slash(Saul Hudson),Steven Adler,Duff McKagen,and Izzy Stridlin,since those reunion chants have been going on for the last five-to-ten years,for it’s the heavily yearned Pantera reunion that’s been getting a lot of on-line press,since both Pantera singer Phil Anselmo(who left the band in the early 00s/2000s) and bassist Rex Smith both want to do a reunion with (ex-Ozzy Osbourne guitarist and) Black Label Society’s Zakk Wilde filling in for the late Dimebag Darrell,with drummer Vinnie Paul(Abbott) absolutely refusing to do so,feeling that without his brother Dimebag being there that there’s no chance of any Pantera reunion(as well as his strong feelings toward Anselmo for abandoning them and saying some derogatory stuff about Dimebag before his untimely death).

    Do I think that both the original Guns N Roses line-up and Pantera should both reunite ? No !! Mainly because Axl strongly hates Slash and drummer Steven Adler is an absolute mess from his years of endless drug abuse(he can’t even barely talk). And there’s no way that Zakk Wylde can ever replace Dimnebag Darrell,since Dimebag was one of a kind and Zakk may be a splendid guitarist but yet can’t tackle the amazing feats that Dimebag accomplished,and Vinnie strongly hates Anselmo.  You can’t force people into doing any type of reunion just because it’s heavily yearned for,which is wrong since people just want to move on with their lives and can’t re-live past glories just to feel special or magical again. It’s also very wrong to cuss out Vinnie Paul just because he doesn’t want to do the Pantera reunion,although I do feel that Phil,Rex,and Zakk might just do it with both a different drummer and a different name,via Black Sabbath’s reunion with Ronnie James Dio as Heaven And Hell,for if Vinnie,Axl,and Robert Plant don’t want to do reunions,they don’t have to and it’s very foolish to demand or enforce one to happen whether or not the musicians want to do it.  

   The fools(mainly the on-line ones[who enjoy endlessly trolling on about it] and corporate shills(such as Vegas Rocks! magazine) should just fully accept it when it comes to landmark bands not wanting to do forced reunions,even if those musicians don’t need the money nor the urge to do it.

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Steven M.


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