It may annoy the hell out of some people,but I’ve been a STAR WARS fan since the first film came out in 1977(when I was 12 1/2 going on 13,and the film played in San Francisco,one of the few exclusive cities it was reelased in[where it became mega-successful] before going nationwide[to further monstrous success) and closely followed up on it(and all of its sequels and prequels),although I didn’t collect the action figures,post-RETURN OF THE JEDI comic books,and spin-off novels and video games,nor follow THE CLONE WARS TV series(which recently ended its run). When I learned that Disney bought the rights to film the remaining STAR WARs sequels/Episodes 7,8,and 9,I was heartfully excited,even if knowing that it was J.J. Abrams(whom I’m not a fan of) that landed the job of both directing and co-producing EPISODE 7(after several well-known genre filmmakers turned it down,unable to deal with the task[and pressure] of directing such a major anticipated film),and with Abrams sitting upon the director’s chair I have noticed quite a bit of very interesting things…

* J.J. Abrams is being very open in dropping tidbits,photos and rumors of EPISODE 7,even though he’s strongly denying it,which is somewhat(and kind of) a good thing in this Spoilers dropping Internet age,beating the rumors droppers at their own game,which makes him the anti-George Lucas(who was always Super secretive about the films).

* The original cast of Mark Hamill,Harrison Ford,Carrie Fisher,Peter Mayhew,Anthony Daniels,and Kenny Baker are back,amid a cast of practical newcomers(mainly veterans of brief TV work),with the best known name of the newcomers being John Boyega(who played the black gang leader in ATTACK THE BLOCK). Yet,Billy Dee Williams is missing,and James Earl Jones stated that he’s not part of the film(meaning there’s no return of Darth Vader[nor David Prowse]).

* The rumored subtitle is THE ANCIENT FEAR,making references to a rumored villain(being that of Max Von Sydow[as a possible new Sith lord coming out of lengthy hiding{with Adam Driver rumored to be his faithful henchman/Darth Maul-esque strong arm}]),with the rumored subtitle sounding as ridiculous as ATTACK OF THE CLONES and THE PHANTOM MENACE,but whatever…

* The rumored storyline has Luke as a Jedi master training his son Ben,Ben’s black friend,and Han’s(and Leia’s) son and daughter,with the son falling victim to The Dark Side,and everyone(including a long lost relative of Obi Wan/Ben Kenobi joining up with them) attempting their very best to save him.

* From what the leaked photos are displaying,most of the action takes place on Tattooie,Luke’s home planet(as well as his father Anakin’s) where some major battle between good and evil takes place,with various aliens and monsters being of the practical non-CGI make-up effects kind.

* EPISODE 7(along with Episodes 8 and 9) will be released around December 2015,since Marvel has now taken over all of the Summertime movie theater screens(which STAR WARS[along with JAWS] ironically made Summer as the major movie season) and it’ll fill the December/Winter season void that’s been widely left open by the LORD OF THE RINGS/HOBBIT films(which is ending its run this coming December with the third and final HOBBIT film).

This is pretty much all we know for now about EPISODE 7,for I’m sure more will be revealed about the new film as time moves on,mainly during the mid July San Diego Comic Con convention season,where the beans are always spilled,via Hollywood folks unexpectedly dropping by to reveal about their upcoming anticipated films,at that upcoming mainstream mecca nerd fest(to end all nerd fests).

That’s it for now…

Coming This Friday: EDGE OF TOMORROW, And Coming Soon: TRANSFORMERS 4 ;Two Films I Could Care Less About

Steven M.


About stevenmillan

I'm just a simple genre cinema fan(NOT a fanboy and NOT a geek)who widely glimpses onto the latest in cinema news,cinema events,and world news of the day events,and just to warn you(especially if you're one of those politically correct elitists,or strongly despise folks that never brownnose the genre cinema media press):I do sharply bite.
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