Daniel Bryan,Gun Violence,Tea Party,Fanboys/Geeks,Tom Cruise Falls,And Lots Of Other Random Stuff

    Without any further due,I’ve got lots of various random stuff to talk about,for here goes…


    * Due to his recent neck injury,Daniel Bryan has recently been stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt,which comes as no surprise,since the likes of Vince McMahon,Triple H,and Stephanie McMahon have never had any faith in him and swamped his title run with dozens of horrible storylines(which are best left unspoken of). Many complain that he’s either held down or highly overrated,but the point is that Bryan’s talents has elevated him to the top(with a little extra help from his stint on TOTAL DIVAS) and with that there’s no doubt that he’ll eventually re-win the WWE title belt(sometime when he’s fully healed up).

   * With the recent gun incident involving a methed-up,Tea Party adoring couple having shot up a few cops and a local Wal-Mart entrance(before taking their own lives) and a gunning at an Oregon school,there’s been a lot of talk about gun violence,with one side yearning for stricter gun laws and the other yearning for complete gun control laws. While I’m neither pro-guns nor anti-guns,I just think that there should tougher laws against such crimes that would cut down on much gun related violence.

   * I’m so tired of these silly genre fanboys/geeks(and hipsters,too) that have been populating the Internet for the last 10 to 12 years,with their ridiculous antics of shilling for crappy films and causing troublesome flame wars and Internet drama,for what happened to the days when fans used to live together in unity instead of sheer rivalry against one another(and not referring to themselves with such stupid sub-names as fanboys,geeks,and hipsters),as well as stating stupid stuff such as  “You’re not a true horror fan because you don’t like HOUSE Of 1000 CORPSES and the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake !!! Waaaaaahhhhhh !!!!”,or writing mindless dribble on YouTube wrestling commentary posts.  Please—-give me a break !!! Whether it’s in horror,action,martial arts,MAA,cult movies,comic books,sci-fi,or wrestling,fanboys/geeks are everywhere and we all have to put up with them whether or not we like it.

  * Republican Eric Cantor lost his election bid and political seat to a Tea Party candidate,for it’s extremely frightening upon knowing how the Tea Party has both replaced the (more lenient but still conservative)Libertarians as the top third political party(even though they are the uber/neo-conservative descendants of the Republicans) and how they’re showing how much strength and power they have when it comes to both politics and elections(something for both the [close minded]Republicans and the Democrats[no longer the lenient party to comfortably lean upon]),for hopefully they’ll never score any top political seats in the near future or it’ll be a lot of less freedom and more controlling government that we’ll sadly look forward to(if the Teas win more political seats).

  * I’ve noticed how Jim Cornette has made some recent remarks on his MLW Radio podcast show about MLW’s head honcho Court Bauer being a cheapskate(which I disagree on),for it seems more to me that Cornette is more furious about his fellow MLW compadres Maurice Saint Laurent and Khronic Konnan(which I nowadays refer Konnan,as given his pro-marijuana stance) being close buddies with Cornette’s main enemies Vince Russo,Ed Ferrera,and Mark Madden,all of who have had MLW guest stints(with the recent two guest stints being Ferrera and Russo),for I’m wondering whether Cornette will renew his MLW contract later this year or go solo with his own independent podcast show.

  * The less said about the recent release of those five Gitmo Bay terror suspects for exchange of that captive American(who’s rumored to have Islamic ties),the better,for I highly agree with Don Tony(Anthony DeBlasi) that those five terror suspects will face a future of being blown up(to kingdom come) by drones(which are pretty much everywhere[on the other side of the world]).

  * TV shows such as GAME OF THRONES,TRUE DETECTIVE,THE WALKING DEAD,SALEM,PENNY DREADFUL,MAD MEN,BREAKING BAD,DEXTER,SONS OF ANARCHY,TRUE BLOOD,and AMERICAN HORROR STORY are showing both regular TV and movies that being lengthy,adult orientated lengthy movie-like shows/mini-series is how great celluloid entertainment seemingly works nowadays,since they’re full of fresh ideas and originality that the other formats lack,and trend upon rough territories that both regular TV and movies are too scared to tremble upon(and fully explore). 

   That’s all for now,everyone…

Wow. A Shailene Woodley Love Story Tops Tom Cruise’s Latest Film At This Past Weekend’s Box Office,For Will Cruise Join Stallone And Schwarzenegger As The Guy Whose Films Can’t No Longer Grab A Hold Of Number One Box Office(Unless It’s An EXPENDABLES Film) ? BTW: MALEFICENT Is A Pretty Great(And Entertaining) Film(A Revisionist Retelling Of SLEEPING BEAUTY,From The Villain’s Side).

Steven M.




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I'm just a simple genre cinema fan(NOT a fanboy and NOT a geek)who widely glimpses onto the latest in cinema news,cinema events,and world news of the day events,and just to warn you(especially if you're one of those politically correct elitists,or strongly despise folks that never brownnose the genre cinema media press):I do sharply bite.
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