Laura Dern Says David Lynch Is ‘Definitely Cooking’ Up A New Film

Laura Dern Says David Lynch Is 'Definitely Cooking' Up A New Film |The Playlist.

According to this link,Laura Dern says that David Lynch,who hasn’t made a film since 2006’s INLAND EMPIRE,is slowly getting into gear upon working on a new film,which is wonderful news to hear,knowing how Lynch’s unqie(if bizarre) style of filmmaking has widely influenced a great many filmmakers of this generation.

I just strongly hope that it’s an awful lot better than INLAND EMPIRE.

And if any if curious to know,I thought that WOLF CREEK 2 Sucked: a nice looking film with lots of grand gory setpieces but too much of a lengthy macho showdown game and too much of John Jarratt’s endless scenery chewing(and hamming up),as great of an actor as he is,but the film wears out its welcome too fast. Director/co-writer Greg McLean should stick to doing original films that expand his filmmaking skills instead of attempting to be the new Rob Zombie(as he does with WOLF CREEK 2).

The New EXPENDABLES 3 Looks Too Damn Weak: The Stars Are All Badly Aging,The Storyline Looks Really Lame,TWILIGHT’s Kellan Lutz Is Really Out-Of-Place Here,No Celebrity Henchmen For Villain Mel Gibson(Considering How Steve Austin Was Faithfully By Eric Roberts’ Side In Part One,And Scott Adkins By Jean Claude Van Damme’s Side In Part Two),And Way Too Many New Members On The Team(Could Have Had Wesley Snipes And Antonio Banderas As Side Villains:No Wonder Jackie Chan And Steven Seagal Both Turned Down Doing This Film),Although Ronda Rousey Looks Great,Even Though Her Character Is A Set-Up For The Planned Spin-Off Film THE EXPENDABELLES(To Feature An All Star Veteran Female Action Cinema Cast)

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