Last night was the announcement that everyone in the IWC and the wrestling community was waiting to hear and just weren’t surprised by it: TNA(Total Nonstop Action) Wrestling’s contract was Not renewed by Spike TV.

   That’s right: after being a mainstay on that very network for 8 to 10 years,the executives at Spike TV felt the need to pull the plug off of TNA’s slowly disintergrating life support system as TNA’s Impact show was declining lower in the TV ratings,for the company that Jeff Jarrett founded in 2002 and was taken over by both Panda Energy and Dixie Carter(and the Carter family) openly had their golden opportunity at becoming the alternative to the WWE and any wrestlers that was either brand new or had a career in the WWE,ECW,or ROH(Ring Of Honor),but Dixie’s bad decisions and the reckless carelessness of TNA’s producers,production executives,and scriptwriting people(which included the likes of ex-WWE writers Vince Russo and Dave Laguna) is what drove TNA from gaining many new fans,since the company had the chance to rise their TV rating past one million but only rose as high as 1.5 million,and then fell downward as the weeks went by. Sure,the blame could easily be tossed upon the likes of Dixie(who started acting like a delusional female version of Eric Bischoff),Russo and former WCW success stories Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff,two men who were clearly out of ideas to strengthen the company,but the scripters and the production folks had the chance to make TNA as big as WCW was 18 years ago,but they clearly didn’t have the vision and diving hunger to make it happen and were lucky they got as close as they did in reaching one million viewers and gaining a small but super loyal audience/following(who always monstrously defended TNA to the fullest).

   The Hammerstein Balllroom-based June New York shows were supposed to be the shows that would save TNA and resurrect their Spike TV deal,for as critically acclaimed as they were those New York shows were mainly viewed upon as retro shows by the various fans and wrestling podcast hosts,as well as being too little,too late to save them from feeling the falling axe of Spike TV’s executive decisions.

    Now that TNA is about to collapse and die a painful but peaceful death,the many talented wrestlers in that company that are suffering the most will now have to flock over to the likes of the other alternative wrestling companies who now have had the WWE wrestling alternative fall into their paws,they being the likes of ROH(Ring Of Honor),and the impending federations of both Global Force Wrestling and the El Rey Network’s upcoming Americanized version of Mexico’s AAA(which happens in October[for a limited 8 weeks]).  

     Now that TNA is gone and the WWE is facing its own problems(via the WWE Network not meeting its success[due to it not being available worldwide],and having to decide to how to debut Sting onto WWE TV[as their financial company savior]),it’s up to ROH and the other alternative wrestling companies to quickly grab onto TNA’s fallen ball and carefully carry it upon not just saving the universe of alternative federations wrestling,but the future of wrestling itself.

Hard To Believe That Scarlet Johannsen’s LUCY Toppled The Rock(Dwayne Johnson)’s HERCULES At This Weekend’s Box Office,For I’ll Never Know What The Appeal Of Scar Jo Is…

Steven M. 

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