Rob Zombie Goes The Crowdfunding Route With 31




        As revealed yesterday,musician/genre filmmaker Rob Zombie announced that he is going the crowdfunding route with his soon-to-film new horror project 31(which he replaced his originally intended[-to-film] hockey drama BROAD STREET BULLIES with),which has a plot that sounds similar to the 2001 film SLASHERS,in that a kidnapped group of ramdom people must endure a fight-or-die game against an army of weapons-carrying psychopaths,with the main psychos being a massive arrays of clowns.  Yep: what everyone thought would be either a HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES/DEVIL’S REJECTS follow-up,a Captain Spaulding prequel,or a HALLOWEEN sequel is instead another new Rob Zombie horror yarn that he’s teased the fans with,and mightily succeeded in manipulating,toying,and trolling again upon them(since he really enjoys doing that so much).

    I’ve got no problem with RZ going the crowfunding route with this one,since he’s allowed more freedom in making his film as he wants to make it without any Hollywood production suits interference,although some of the crowdfunding perks for this one do disturb me a bit: $300 gets RZ to become your Twitter Friend,and $1,000 gets your name in the Special Thanks edition of the End Credits.  Come On,for most crowdfunding projects add your name for free if you contribute some of your hard earned money to their film,and paying a couple of hundreds to a filmmaker to become your social media buddy is ridiculous,since on-line friendships and connections from anybody(including filmmakers) are mainly for free.  And if RZ is going to charge that much money,he might as well have those that fund his film to choose which actors and actresses they want to see in his film(even though RZ will stick his on-screen faves Sheri Moon Zombie[Mrs. RZ],Bill Moseley,and Sid Haig somewhere in the film),with Fangoria editor Chris Alexander having already suggested to RZ to cast Nicolas Cage in the film(!!!!). Nicolas Cage as the lead psycho clown really would be a riot,yet it would be cool to see Cage emotionally lose it on-screen(as only he can do it). Boy,can I see all of the Rob Zombie fanboys(who think that he’s a God and that he is The whole horror genre) massively lining up to see who contributes their bucks to him first.  


  Films Of The Week…

  HIGH VOLTAGE: I’m no fan of the usually wooden Antonio Sabata Jr.,but this 1997 actioneer by Isaac Florentine pretty much strengthens him as an actor,casting him amongst a group of friends(with Locklyn Munro,Amy Smart,and Mike Manis[the film’s scriptwriter) who rob a bank that turns out to be a cover for the local Vietnamese mafia,who pursue after them with a vengeance and chase them around town until they finally face-off at a deserted ole hotel with both mob turncoat Shannon Lee(Bruce Lee’s daughter) and Antonio Sabata Sr.(as ASJr.’s uncle) helping them take on the mob,as well as a greed obsessed psychotic friend(William Zabka) out to kill for his share of the mob’s stolen money,in a final showdown. Whatever weaknesses the film has(acting-wise) is strongly overlooked by Florentine’s wonderfully staged Hong Kong-esque sequences of shoot-outs,gory deaths,and ferocious fights,with the finale duel between ASJr. and Zabka being the showstopper. Definitely worth seeking out(despecially if you’re a Florentine fan).

  MELACHOLIE DEL ENGEL: Germany-based CANNIBAL director/filmmaker Marian Dora is a severe madman,as he openly proves with this follow-up film that plays like an artsy combo of LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT and HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES with the film depicting two young gals who meet a Charles Manson looking,white suit-clad guy and his motley group of friends(who consist of a pudgy bald guy,a Goth clothes attired chick,a [Dark Delicaties owner] Del Howison looking long haired old man,and a wheelchair bound young gal) at the local carnival/fair,who soon take them to their remote place to spend the rest of the film shooting up drugs and playing twisted and depraved games,which explode upon the screen after 70 minutes(of getting to know the characters and their locale spot) with truckloads of rape,piss,shit,and vomit antics drenching the screen in ways that Pier Paolo Pasolini couldn’t imagine displaying them in SALO:120 DAYS OF SODOM. At nearly three hours,this film is no torture porn nor mindless splatter fest but is merely a major shock fest full of horrific sequences that’ll chase away the routine horror fan,especially with the showstopping scene consisting of the Manson looking guy beating up the wheelchair gal,stripping off her clothes,ripping off her IV and colostomy bag,and then finger raping her bodily poop covered colostomy hole. Yikes !!!!  And I haven’t even got into the scenes of various on-screen animal killings(that would even horrify CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST director/filmmaker Ruggero Deodato),people taking on-screen urinations,and the bald guy pooping on a chick. With his super artsy and heavily atmospheric filmmaking style displayed from beginning to end amid these shockingly depraved scenes,Dora is indeed one artsy lunatic who makes Jorg Buttgereit look like a regular working joe,and I wonder what other horrors he’s got to display in his recently released film VOYAGE TO AGATIS,as well as proves that Germany is indeed a country full of severely shocking genre films that can stand up along the fellow shocking genre films of Italy,France,and Japan.  Watch it at your own risk(if you dare yourself to)…

     Time for me to go(and enjoy the rest of the new month of August)…

 R.I.P.: Dick Smith (Make-Up FX Maestro/Extradinnaire)

Steven M.


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