Alberto Del Rio Gets “Future Endeavored”

Notes On Alberto Del Rio's WWE Departure, His Last TV Match And Contract –

Earlier today,amid all of the blame being poured on Vince Russo(as usual) for the un-renewal of TNA’s contract with Spike TV(“Ohhhhhh…..we got to see Dixie Cater being put through a table tonight !! Woo-Hoo !! Yipppppiiiiiie !!!”),now comes major wrestling news of the WWE having given the axe to Alberto del Rio,mainly for “improper conduct and an incident with an employee”.

Alberto,who(along with Mistico[/the original Sin Cara]) was brought in to expand their Latin/Hispanic audiences,since Rey Mysterio is too badly injured to wrestle anymore,and the WWE behind-the-scenes enjoyed del Rio for being the tall,muscular wrestler that he is(since Vince McMahon always favors tall,bodybuilder physique sporting types). del Rio did have some success in the WWE,despite not being able to fully connect with the WWE audience,and he was recently getting downsided and his contract was up,for it sounds more to me like del Rio’s “Release” was more connected to the recent WWE budget cuts that are attributed to both the WWE Network’s failure to gain massive viewers and subscribers(in the U.S.) and having enough money to pay to Sting when he eventually makes his WWE debut(and give him that mucho big payday).

With the El Rey Network’s Americanized version of AAA readying up to make its October debut,what is the WWE’s loss could be AAA’s biggest gain,since AAA could really use a big name star in its El Rey debut and who else better than del Rio ?

Movie Of The Week:
NYMPHOMANIAC: Lars von Trier’s most recent film is a four hour super provocative drama that’s basically both the KILL BILL of softcore erotica dramas(/cinema) and the first all-star cast NC-17 film since 1976’s 1700(even though NYMPHOMANIAC was released as Unrated). It’s got several heavily explicit sex scenes(including a few hardcore XXX bits) amid the extremely lengthy drama(that sets up the story),and it could have been cut of a hour and instead been a three hour film since the last half of VOULME 2 pretty much drags,but it does have a decent pay-off. Had this film been made in the late 80s/early 90s it would have definitely got major mainstream coverage as an extremely controversial erotic drama instead of the puny Straight-To-VOD release that Magnolia Films gave it(to avoid getting caught up in any mainstream media controversy,as well as not having the financial resources of Sony/Columbia,Fox,Disney,nor Lionsgate to afford such a nationwide release). It’s a real good film,although the 1974 softcore erotic British romp THE SEX THIEF(with David Warbeck sexing it up with his [very willing] female burglary victims,and even having a full frontal nude scene[!!!]) is much more fun and enjoyable(and is 3/5 half the length of NYMPHOMANIAC).

Oh,Wow. Michael Bay’s TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Is Coming To Theaters This Weekend. I’ll Pass,Since I’m Still Stuck With The 1990 Version And I’d Rather Prefer TWO LIVE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES(The Two Live Crew Blended With The Ninja Turtles,Only With Facial Hair And Penis Shaped Swords And Nunchucks),Since They’re Horny In A Half Shell.

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