October Ramblings And Rumblings

October is here,for I can’t believe that it’s already two months before this year(2014) ends,for it’s the season of both cooler weather and Halloween,and quite surprisingly a lot of spirituality/New Age events(such as dances,meditations,and kirtans) are taking place and it’s something of the Indian side of my nationality heritage to deeply dwelve into.

BTW: I also got to see GONE GIRL,David Fincher’s Chick Flick With A Dark Side that not only strongly signals Ben Affleck’s comeback(following his second Oscar win with ARGO,and the critical success of THE TOWN) but is also a flawed but enjoyable film that starts off as a Missing Persons’ drama(that explores the manipulation of media sensationalist events[during tragic human traumas]) but suddenly transforms into a Conniving Madwoman thriller(ala BASIC INSTINCT without the explicit nudity),a role which female lead Rosemund Pike handles really well(as she did with her Bond girl-turned-[co-] villain in DIE ANOTHER DAY).  I would drop some spoilers and ask some questions but I don’t want to piss off the Anti-Spoilers crowd that get easily touchy once a surprise fact is dropped about the film(such as the fate of a certain 80s childhood icon-turned-well known gay actor[and HAROLD AND KUMAR co-star],and a slimy redneck couple that commit a heinous crime,but suddenly disappear from the story[,right when you expect them to pop up near the film’s very end]). Fincher surely knows how to make and construct a film,but always adds something to mightily piss the viewer off,but then again that’s the appeal of Fincher in knowing how to keep a film very mainstream even when it takes a David Lynch-esque leap into the dark side. Otherwise the Nancy Grace clone parody character(Ellen Abbott) was very funny,though,and Tyler Perry(sans his Madea drag) is actually really great as Affleck’s Johnny Cochran-esque lawyer. Expect many Oscar nominations(and wins) early next year for this film.

And like every other Internet horror fan,I am undertake the 31 Days Of Horror viewing month challenge,for I’ll let you all know what I watched next month.  And I did forget to tell everyone that the EVIL DEAD was actually a very entertaining and splattery film,even if it did heavily copy from Japanese horror.

I’ll be back later…

Latest STAR WARS:EPISODE 7 Rumor: Luke Skywalker Turns To The Dark Side ?!?!  Something To Just Take As Just Only A Rumor Until The Film Is Actually Released Next Year

Steven M.


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I'm just a simple genre cinema fan(NOT a fanboy and NOT a geek)who widely glimpses onto the latest in cinema news,cinema events,and world news of the day events,and just to warn you(especially if you're one of those politically correct elitists,or strongly despise folks that never brownnose the genre cinema media press):I do sharply bite.
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