‘STAR WARS: EPISODE 7’: Leaked Script Reveals Luke Skywalker A Bad Cyborg, Kira An Evil Hero (?!?!)

‘Star Wars 7’: Leaked Script Reveals Luke Skywalker A Cyborg, Kira An Evil Hero – International Business Times#.VDYcUk0tDIU.

According to this above link,EPISODE 7 will have Luke Skywalker turning to The dark Side and becoming the new villain,with Daisy Ridley’s Kira joining him.

This surely smells like pure Bullshit to me,since after the way Luke rejected the urge of The Dark Side there’s No Way that he’ll turn bad,unless it’s going to follow the Expanded Universe’s storyline in Luke infiltrating The Dark Side to sniff out and fight the new Sith villains. And with Kira rumored to be the new hero in all three sequels,there’s also No Way that she’ll turn bad since the film is produced by Disney(the childrens’ cinema empire) and they refuse to allow such a move.

J.J. Abrams surely enjoys both spilling out secrets about EPISODE 7 and spilling out these false rumors(ala Luke’s hand[with lightsabre held in hand] floating in space and landing on Kira’s home planet) just to drive the fans wild in full anticipation for EPISODE 7’s late 2015 premiere.

Otherwise,just where do Princess Leia,See Threepio,and Artoo Detoo fit in the new film(since we already know that both Han Solo and Chewbacca are back),and how are they going to write out Lando Calrissian(since Billy Dee Williams isn’t back).

Just Recently Saw ANNABELLE,For It’s A Mediocre Film That More’s About A Manson-esque Cult Unleashing Satanic Forces Than The Title Doll(With Plenty Of Demonic KNB FX Work On Display),And At Least It’s Not A Found Footage Film Nor Another Disposable Gratuitious Remake

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