Jane Velez-Mitchell Show Canceled : Female Geraldo/Nancy Grace Jr. Bites The Dust…

Jane Velez-Mitchell Show Reportedly Canceled | Advocate.com.

For the last few months,I haven’t been bothering to watch cable TV anymore until the return of THE WALKING DEAD,and did majorly notice that Jane Velez Mitchell(alias the female Geraldo/Nancy Grace Jr./Nancy Grace’s hemmorroid/Nancy Grace’s fellow motormouth Harpie) is no longer on the HLN Channel,and then I ran across this link and learned that her show has been cancelled.

As badly as I feel for her massive staff losing their jobs(due to being “released”,via a new power that took over HLN this Fall[which also claimed HLN’s Entertainemnt Reporter A.J. Hammer to the falling “released” axe]),I’m glad to see “The Recovering Alcoholic” gone since she was just basically existing as a warm-up for Nancy Grace’s show in being a fellow anti-crime crusader who happened to be rude and loud about it(ala many well-known anti-crime crusaders[who often favor the focus on them as much as the criminals they’re actively pursuing]),but at least she heavily slapped the criminals where they deserved to be slapped(although she did allow John Ramsey to get away scott free). For otherwise it’s a bad defeat for anti-crime crusaders but a relief to folks who are tired of obnoxious reality news shows and their annoying hosts(who favor to wear bad wigs and endlessly remind viewers that they’re “a recovering alcoholic”). And I’m surprised that the gay community isn’t heavily up-in-protesting arms about JVM’s cancellation from the airwaves(since JVM is gay and gays always are ferociously protective of their own kin[whenever something really bad happens to them,as in JVM’s cancellation]).

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