Earlier this week came a news story that every horror film website except Fangoria(showing how out-of-touch they are with the times of today) broke news that Malek Akkad announced that a new HALLOWEEN sequel will officially happen,with the scribes of the SAW sequels and THE COLLECTOR(and its sequel THE COLLECTION) handling the scriptwriting chores,with no director yet attached to it.

Wow. After six years since the critical failure of Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN 2(H2:THE DEVIL WALKS AMONGST US) and 900 failed attempted projects(including the all-girls-asylum-set 3-D one from the MY BLOODY VALENTINE remake team of Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer[which got canned before it was to get underway{a year after H2}],and a PG-13 rated affair with Lucy Hale and Brad Dourif) comes news of yet another planned project in the Michael Myers saga,for since the main question here is that will this one finally get off the ground and behind the filming cameras,or is the Michael Myers franchise saga as severely cursed as Part 6’s subtitle THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS slightly suggested,since the films following Part 4(THE RETURN OF MICHAEL MYERS) got increasingly worse than the last,Rob Zombie’s riding on the last two films didn’t make any improvements,and the absolute incompetence of producers Malek Akkad and The Weinstein Brothers(who obtained the series in 1995 after [their glorious maverick] Quentin Tarantino bought the rights for their then-fluent genre films division Dimension Films to handle) who didn’t care about the quality in storytelling and choice of film directors. One thing that really annoys me about the HALLOWEEN series(after 1995) is how they’ve dwelled into widely divided alternate universes without connecting any of the storylines from Carpenter’s first two films(with the first sequel directed by Rick Rosenthal),Part 3(SEASON OF THE WITCH),Parts 4,5,and 6(the Jamie Lloyd trilogy that introduced the genre to [then child actress] Danielle Harris),the Jamie Lee Curtis starring H20:TWENTY YEARS LATER and RESURRECTION,and RZ’s two films,or offering any explainations of what became of the surviving characters from the previous films,therefore adding major confusion to the viewers(something that Paul Naschy’s wolfman films can easily get away with[since his character is timeless and can exist in any time period and alternate universe]),and both Akkad and the Weinsteins not bothering(nor caring) to hire any creative filmmakers with unique and diverse ideas to take Michael Myers places in(such as the possible use of Carpenter’s original intent of an anthology[with Michael in one or two of the tales],ala HELLRAISER[4]:BLOODLINES) and fully explain the connection between all ten HALLOWEEN films. For what everyone just wants is a really damn good HALLOWEEN film that delivers both excellent and innovative storytelling and great chills,something that we’ll never get from its current copyrights owners,for since I looked up the term “recalibration” and learned that it means to create something from the first original work,the only real way that this so-called “recalibration” of the HALLOWEEN series can ever happen is that the likes of a New Line Cinema or a Lionsgate caliber studio needs to wisely buys the copyrights of the HALLOWEEN series off from both Akkad and the Weinstein Brothers and maybe then will we ever see the return of great quality,unique storytelling(since great storytelling is what is one main part of making a really great film),and a true recalibration of the horror series that we all once loved.

So,NBC’s Brian Williams Got Suspended(And Critically Damned) For Exaggerating His Role In A 2003 Iraq War News Story: Ironic How Geraldo Rivera Has Made A Career Out Of Similarly Doing This Type Of Shenanigans For Years And Easily Getting Away With It

Steven M.

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