Two Days Before June Ends…

Just two days before June comes around the corner,I just had to quickly add in a new blog entry since I’ve been short on blog entries lately,and nope: it’s not about how there’s way too many indie genre films that’ll run over the likes of Kentucky Audley(remember his short lived “Stop Indie Films” petition ?!  I don’t,either),Chad Clinton Freeman(who’s not doing a Pollygrind Film Festival this year),and all of the major indie film festival blowhards(that means and includes you,Sundance Cinema !!!) and how the major studios can’t stop them. And nope: it’s not about how the likes of Rob Zombie,Quentin Tarantino,and Robert Rodriguez are attempting to be the vast rulers of all things related to genre cinema,either. For it’s going to be mainly about three main topics of controversy: politics,reality TV “celebrities”,and wrestling.

* Destination America Tosses Over TNA For ROH:  The fine folks at Destination America(a spin-off of the Discovery Channel) has decided to lay another whammy on both Dixie Carter(the spoiled and dolty[to the hilt] “Princess” of Panda Energy) and her wrestling company TNA by adding ROH(Ring Of Honor) to their television schedule that’s starting June 3rd. . Everyone in the IWC(Internet Wrestling Community) is wildly running all over the place in loudly crying “Chicken Little/The Sky Is Falling !!” when it comes to the latest tragedy to befall TNA(ala the far right Texas Republicans with their anti-Jade Helm 16/15[whatever the hell that’s called] stance: more of those bozos later),for TNA isn’t dead and it isn’t going anywhere until Dixie officially rises the surrender flag(which isn’t anytime soon). Maybe the Destination America ROH shows will hopefully give TNA that much needed shot-in-the-arm(or,as Princess Dixie says,”…Extra rocket fuel !!  Woo-Hee !!”),unless the wrestling community(along with the Destination America bosses[whom Princess Dixie referred to as “Dummies”]) get so extrmemly fed up with TNA’s head honcho Princess that they stay far,far away from it in massive doves(as much as they already are).

* Speaking of the dummy far right Texas Republican politicians,Texas has suddenly become plagued by severely heavy rainstorms and floods that have caused massive damage in that very state that they’re now begging President Obama for help. Karma is surely a bitch to deal with,isn’t it ?!   BTW: some dummy far right conservative radio talk show hosts are now blaming the rain and floods on Texas’ witches and gays,for didn’t their good buddy Chuck Norris karate kick those bag,bad witches and gays out of Texas already ?!

* Move aside:Jon and Kate Gosselin,for there’s now a replacement with the !( KIDS AND COUNTING family,whose main member Jon Duggar has been charged with both child molestation and fondling a few of his family members in their sleep. Add to the fact that the far right politicians are strongly supporting right wing Christian Jonny Boy,for I’ve got no time nor any yearn to further comment on that(nor any of those far right losers[both Jon Duggar and politicians-wise]).

See Ya All In June !!

I Don’t Know What’s Worse Right Now: Cameron Crowe’s Critically Trashed Celluloid Disasterpiece ALOHA(Check Out The First Eight Minutes On YouTube And You’ll See Why),Or The Latest Would-Be “Hipster” CGI-Enhanced 30 Minute Fest That Is KUNG FURY(Complete With Its David Hasselhoff End Credits Theme Song),Which You Can Also Catch On YouTube…

Steven M.

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I'm just a simple genre cinema fan(NOT a fanboy and NOT a geek)who widely glimpses onto the latest in cinema news,cinema events,and world news of the day events,and just to warn you(especially if you're one of those politically correct elitists,or strongly despise folks that never brownnose the genre cinema media press):I do sharply bite.
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