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As the month of July is looming around the corner(starting next week),and WordPress is celebrating its tenth anniversary(as my blog recently celebrated my sixth anniversary on WordPress[after beginning in May 2005 at AOL’s short lived blog segment{before it got shut down}],and spending four years on MySpace{until a new regime and various viruses and Trojans drove everyone away from there,and the prickfaces at MySpace shut down the blogs over there}],as well as myself celebrating ten years of blogging),there has been several topics of late that have been surfacing,for here we go(with my views on them)…

* The Charleston Church Shootings: a sad tragedy that was caused by a gay looking rifle wielding 21 year old lunatic9with a really bad Moe Howard-esque haircut) that rose forth how racism still surprisingly lives on,and how one sided and completey blind and ignoring both the far right and right wing conervatives truly are(and that goes for all of you right leaning Libertarians[who are the Republicans’ and the Tea Party’s butt buddies],too).

* The Confederate Flag: a controversy that is now raging in upon whether to take it down and place it in a museum(for historical reasons) or completely do away with it,for it is that flag’s state decision upon what they should do with it and not any media outlet(who are overfrenzying as much about how this will affect past movies[such as GLORY and GONE WITH THE WIND] as they did with 9/11).

* Nationwide Gay Marriage Now Officially Legal: I’m surprised tha the Supreme Court quickly passed this law and didn’t wait for three to five years to pass it,since they possibly figured that if it’s legal for gays to marry behind prison walls(as well as living the gay lifestyle in both jail and prison) that it might as well as legal nationwide(outside of prison walls). This event will really make 2016’s Presidential elections very interesting(as well as seeing how many politicians(mainly the far right Republican ones) fall aside before the new President is officially chosen:I know that there’s a lot of hatred for Hillary Clinton,but I’m betting the farm that she’ll easily win).

* The TNA/Global Force Wrestling Merger: with all of the hate spewing,negativity fixated(sounds like Fox News[on a daily basis]) wrestling podcast hosts that are out there(such as Don Tony/Anthony DeBlasi and Kevin Castle)verbally praying for the deaths of both TNA and GFW(before it has even begun[and fully revealed itself to the wrestling universe-),this recent surprise merger of both Jeff Jarrett’s and Dixie Carter’s companies brings forth a lot of major interest,since GFW’s major Las Vegas TV taping happens in July and we might just see some talent exchanges between both companies and which talents might possibly be there at the Vegas event to help give GFW a much needed boost(after their recently poorly attended baseball stadium shows),and if GFW’s pilot show and its storyline will be well written or completely inept(which I’m really hoping that it’s not). It also tires me about how these podcasters verbally trash both GFW and TNA yet bow down to WWE/Vince McMahon,(AAA/)Lucha Underground,and Paul Heyman,for there’s other wrestling companies outside of WWE and Lucha Underground that exist to help keep the spirit of wrestling alive and mindless trash talking only makes the wrestling universe look pretty ridiculous,for either welcome this merger or leave the wrestling community.

* Early 90s and Late 00s/2000s Underground Horror People-Turned-Obnoxious Brownnosing Yuppies: You guys with your forum boards and extreme horror fanzines that existed in those mentioned time periods(with the initials BH and EF) and you all used to be such majorly cool folks,but you’re all now(via your film projects,magazine projects,and movie blogs(with the initials RC,ES,VJ,BBD,TGTN,and Mobius) are nothing more but complete scummy yuppies that brownnose every Nu Horror garbage film that comes down the pike,act all uppity and if your shit don’t stink,and don’t want to associate with fans that don’t hang out at Monsterpalooza and Cinema Wasteland(since Chiller Theatre is no longer the event to be),read Evilspeak magazine,post on Mobius forum,and bow down to Rob Zombie and Fangoria magazines,for it’s like INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS actually happened and consumed everyone as much as it did the guys in Metallica(who were once the 80s’ coolest metal band,which is now a Nu Metal/alt.rock garbage band),for I proudly don’t need to associate with people like that and I’m motherfucking proud upon who I am(and I feel very self special about it).

As I always say: That’s It For Now…

Reviews of Tobe Hooper’s DJINN,CLOWN(which helped director Jay Wood land the new SPIDERMAN film gig),and TOOLBOX MURDERS 2(amongst many other reviews) all at http://letterboxd.com/stevenmillan/

R.I.P.: Patrick Macnee,The Original (Non-Marvel Comics) Avenger

Steven M.


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I'm just a simple genre cinema fan(NOT a fanboy and NOT a geek)who widely glimpses onto the latest in cinema news,cinema events,and world news of the day events,and just to warn you(especially if you're one of those politically correct elitists,or strongly despise folks that never brownnose the genre cinema media press):I do sharply bite.
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