The Hulkamania Trainwreck(And On-Line Explosion)

As everyone knows,Hulk Hogan was quickly dropped from the WWE like a flaming potato via racial comments that he made a couple of years ago,with all types of hoopla flying around left and right on the Internet.

Interesting that Ice Cube once said(during his N.W.A. days) that everyone has a little bit of racism in them(via Axl Rose’s controversial “One In A Million” song[with racial slurs]),which is a bit true(just ask Howard Stern[who joyfully uses racial slurs and said that he’s a racist]). It sound somewhat suspicious to me upon why the WWE would quickly trash away every memory of the guy who singlehandedly built the WWE into the powerhouse wrestling empire that it is in the mid 80s(as well as strongly built up their 90s arch nemesis WCW),since I strongly feel that there’s got to be more than just racial things that the Hulkster said.  It’s true that there still is a lot of personal resentment against Hogan during his departures and temporary stays in both WCW and TNA,as well as the fact that both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon despise Hogan,which explains why he’s kept an extremely low profile while in his recent WWE run(ala Sting). I believe that half of the reason why they dumped the Hulkster is to make rooms for enormous paydays for Sting,The Undertaker(now that he’s returned[for one possible final run]),and Brock Lesnar.  It’s also pretty funny how Sting is remaining completely silent about all of this,considering how Hogan gave Sting an enormous push to superstar status in WCW’s mid-to-late 90s,but then again Sting is currently under a multimillion paying contract(that contains the rights to his merchandise[during his WCW heydays]) that he doesn’t really want to blow and foolishly throw away(if he speaks anything good about Hogan).

Hopefully,Hulk Hogan will eventually work out both his personal problems(that have made him as much of a major human trainwreck as Ric Flair) and his currently strained relationship with the WWE,since he’s part of their existence and the driving success of the Monday Night Wars that helped establish everyone in wrestling to higher powers and the WWE really needs Hulk Hogan as much as he needs them.

The Dr. Evil Looking UFC Head Honcho Dana White Recently Had this Dr. Evil Moment On Twitter During A Q&A That Left Many People Angry(Over The Recent Firing Of Longtime In-Ring Employee Stitch) And Dana Trolling At Them: Dana White Is Indeed The Dr. Evil Of The MMA Universe(With Joe Rogan His Very Own Personal Mini-Me).

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