It’s August,And A Lot Is On My Mind…

Since the month of August is here(meaning that’s there now only four months left in both this year and until the new STAR WARS sequel comes out),there’s been a lot of stuff on my mind to let out and share here…

* The 8/6/2015 Fox News Republican Debate: needless to say,I didn’t bother watching it,since I had other more important stuff to do and I’d rather read about the insanity concerning last year’s upcoming Presidential elections(which ahs already started) than watch those conservative blowhards running at the mouth about it.

* Two twits recently left me some comments about my bashing of both (ex-HLN female Geraldo Rivera/Nancy Garce-esque crusader)Jane Velez Mitchell(anybody remember her ?) and Pollygrind’s Chad Clinton Freeman,with both of them saying that they have a lot of passion in what they do and that they’re both above me. If both Jane and Chad are so above me,then why are they currently off the radar since Jane is virtually not on a new TV talk show and Chad cancelled Pollygrind for this year. Thank God for the Delete,Trash,and Block buttons(after reading their laughter inducing ridiculous comments).

* Anyone who doesn’t own Code Red’s Limited Edition Blu Ray of THE OBSESSED ONE Really Needs To Get It,since it’s the best rape/revenge Blaxploitation film(from the South American nation of Surinama) that you’ve never seen…until now. Lots of truly wild moments and Everything that a grindhouse/drive-in/exploitation cinema fan would ever want in a film(since this film has got it all). Believe me,it is truly worth the buy.

* The verdict is in,for everyone hates the new FANTASTIC 4 film,which looks to be plagued by numerous behind-the-scenes sabotage and production problems,for it’s just too bad that the previous two FANTASTIC FOUR  films(despite their poor use[and portrayal] of Doctor Doom) richly deserved a third and a fourth film,as well as Roger Corman’s 1994 FANTASTIC FOUR deserving a DVD/Blu ray release(as cheesy as it is,yet its heartful homage to the legendary Marvel comic is still intact).

* Those anti-social justice warrior crusaders,anti-TWILIGHT crusaders(it’s just a fucking movie,Damn It !!!),and those anti-abortion/pro-life crusaders both are super annoying and heavily irritating. Complain,complain,complain,and complain some more,and anti-this and anti-that. Get off my back and leap off the nearest cliff or twenty story building top.

* R.I.P.: Roddy Piper. Wrestling superstar who helped make wrestling a popular mainstream sport in the mid 80s(via his heavily publicized feud with Hulk Hogan[that kicked off and birthed the WrestleMania Pay-Per-Views),and was the star of THEY LIVE and many numerous Straight-To-VHS Video/DVD/Blu Ray films. I was lucky enough to meet the man and get an autograph and photo op with him at the 2013 DaysOfTheDead L.A. convention. His passing was quite a shocker,and he is being truly heavily missed.

I’m done for now.Until next time…

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Lots Of Really Great Word On The Just Released New Thriller THE GIFT(No Relations To Sam Raimi’s Similarly Titled Cate Blanchett/Greg Kinnear/Keanu Reeves Starring Thriller),Which Sounds Quite Promising(With Its Twist On Its Stalker Theme),For I’ll Check It Out In A Few Days

Steven M.


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I'm just a simple genre cinema fan(NOT a fanboy and NOT a geek)who widely glimpses onto the latest in cinema news,cinema events,and world news of the day events,and just to warn you(especially if you're one of those politically correct elitists,or strongly despise folks that never brownnose the genre cinema media press):I do sharply bite.
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