The Force Not Fully Awakened

First off,here is the link to my review of the new STAR WARS sequel..

As far as the new film went,it was action packed and never boring yet nowhere near the excitement of George Lucas’ first three Original Trilogy films,for one major pet peeve that extremely frustrated me with this film is the way that Luke Skywalker is being handled,since he was the main focal point of the first three Original Trilogy films and while he is discussed throughout this film he is barely even seen nor shown. As in the above clip,J.J. Abrams and Mark Hamill heavily discussed a plot idea upon what happened to Luke after RETURN OF THE JEDI and upon whether or not he remained good or turned toward The Dark Side(after turning in down in Episode 6). It mightily intrigued a lot of fans and was heavily publicized in the on-line rumors department about how Luke might be possibly turning evil,as well as be behind the new villains of the new film. As stunning as this concept is,it would have betrayed George Lucas’ original intention in keeping Luke as a good guy who grew throughout the first three films and conquered a lot to get to where he is,with this discussed idea frequently used in the publicity as a reason to why the trailers nor scenes didn’t feature any scenes of Luke,except for one that has him as a hooded figure leaning his robotic hand upon Artoo Detoo. There were heavy promises of this purpose serving as a major surprise that was to be included in the film,yet at the film’s very finale it absolutely failed to pay off and those expecting Luke to be revealed as the film’s new villain were mightily disappointed.

As interesting as a concept that’s based upon the search for the missing Luke,it is only a sub-plot that is soon tossed aside for a climatic recap of yet another Rebel Alliance/Resistance X-Wing fighter pilots battle with a third new Death Star(known as the Starkiller[which was the original name of Anakin and Luke before it was changed to Skywalker]). One wonders why Abrams even bothered to include Luke and the sub-plot when Luke isn’t even a major part of the film nor even participates in the film’s main storyline,since people came to see a STAR WARs film and not a film with a KILL BILL or APOCALYPSE NOW style build-up that leads to one of the main characters,something that doesn’t work in a mainstream commercial sci-fi genre film. STAR WARS:EPISODE 7;THE FORCE AWAKENS may be a good film(just a good film) but it certainly isn’t neither one of the best nor the best film in the series,since it’s as much interested in creating its own character arcs and own storyline as much as it is heavily harping on the retro nostalgia of the Original Trilogy. You may be able to comfortably lean back upon relying on retro nostalgia to create something new(which too many filmmakers of the last 15 years have overly relied upon),but you’ve got to have the creativity,savviness,and uniqueness to fully create something that will make that film your very own,one thatcan massivelydraw both newer and older fans and audiences to that very film if it’s done in the right manner and the right way.

Cheap Trick,Chicago,Deep Purple,The Steve Miller Band,and N.W.A. Area All Officially Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 2016 Induction Bound:Accused By Some At Being Too Hipster,Yet Satsifying Those Who Have Heavily Criticized The R&RHoF For Frequently Ignoring Classic Rock Artists,For It’ll Definitely Be The Likes of Nine Inch Nails,The Smiths,and Janet Jackson For the R&RHoF 2017 Inductions(That’s For Sure)

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