Axl Rose And AC/DC ?!?!

For the last few days,there have been rumors of Axl Rose possibly joining AC/DC as a guest singer after Brian Johnson recently had to reluctantly step down due to being close to hearing loss(via his second career in both car racing and hosting a car racing television show in England),with Brian having rumored to have been forced out of the band by guitarist/core member Angus Young who is yearning to continue on AC/DC for the next 10 years whether or not Brian is their singer anymore,which has angered a lot of longtime fans since Brian has been in the band for 36 years and has devotedly stuck through thick and thin with the band.

I just can’t picture Axl Rose fitting with AC/DC,since Axl is too busy with the Guns N’ Roses reunion(with both Slash and Duff McKagen) to have any time to front another band,and the members of AC/DC are in their 60s and look too old to be hanging out with Axl,as well as that Axl wouldn’t be a good fit with AC/DC since he doesn’t possess the gruff voice to handle AC/DC’s trademark hard rocking bluesy flavored songs,as well as the main thing here is that Axl is a egotistical megalomaniac those insane persona would be too extreme for Angus(which would bring on endless clashes between Axl and Angus[especially if Axl walks off-stage during his mood swings,with Angus wanting to slap him{if he dares doing so}]),and the boys to handle nor put up with any of his bullshit.

In all,Axl Rose with AC/DC would hold as much credibility as Gary Cherone singing in Metallica or Slayer.  If it does actually happen,just don’t expect Axl’s association with AC/DC to last for long.

Coming Soon: film critics both do…and don’t..matter when it comes to films(I’ll lengthily analyze upon that one).

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