Fantrolls: Fanboys Gone Wild

For the last couple of days,I have noticed that all of the trolling fanboys that seek to make trouble on the Internet have taken the route to simply becoming fantrolls,or they have been doing insane shit from vowing to boycott THE WALKING DEAD series just because they didn’t like the Season Six Finale. I’m sure glad you penis breathed bungholes weren’t around when that certain STAR WARS movie had Han Solo frozen in carbonite and there was a three year wait to see what became of him.

Now,the fantrolls are starting to complain all over Twitter and the Internet about the new trailer for ROGUE ONE just on the basis that it has got a female lead as one of the film’s main heroes(and are loudly crying Social Justice Warriors-it is over this one). Complaining about this film on the basis it has a female lead is just plain sexist and misogynist and doesn’t make those fantrolls any better from the trolls that also populate the likes of the wrestling,horror,adult/porn,MMA,and political Internet scene. Simply put,fantrolls that act this misogynistic are obviously closet homosexuals that are fans of both gay films and mens prison films(that have both homosexual themes and scenes) and they can proudly go fuck themselves with no Vasoline.

Enjoy the new ROGUE ONE trailer(which ought to make up for the mediocre FORCE AWAKENS).

Nicolas Cage Vs. Vice Neil(For Real) At The Aria Casino: I’ll Truly Plead The Fifth On Commenting About This One.

Steven M.


About stevenmillan

I'm just a simple genre cinema fan(NOT a fanboy and NOT a geek)who widely glimpses onto the latest in cinema news,cinema events,and world news of the day events,and just to warn you(especially if you're one of those politically correct elitists,or strongly despise folks that never brownnose the genre cinema media press):I do sharply bite.
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