Axl Rose Officially Now In AC/DC:Now What Next…

Courtesy of a surprise appearance by Angus Young at Coachchella,it has now been made official that Axl Rose is now a part of AC/DC and that Brian Johnson(AC/DC’s singer for the last 36 years[after Bon Scott’s alcohol related death in 1980]) has now reluctantly stepped down(due to hearing problems).

It is a move that has angered a lot of AC/DC fans,with several of them accusing Angus of becoming greedy and pulling a Kiss-esque move on Brian,with Eddie Trunk referring to Axl being in AC/DC as “who[as a singer] can bring in the most money”. While I’m no Axl Rose fan,this move can only bring a lot of speculation upon how this will all play out and what it means for the future of Guns N’ Roses,with whom Axl is currently doing a reunion tour with(via both original members Slash and Duff McKagen). One wonders if Axl is going to become a permanent member of AC/DC their “Rock Or Bust” tour ends and if he’ll either permanently or temporarily end GN’R,for if Axl does become AC/DC’s permanent new singer,maybe he can bring in some new ideas and new material that can make AC/DC’s new album not sound like their last several albums of the last 30 years(where nothing had ever processed[or moved their sound forward]) and possibly refresh the band with a much younger singer.

But then again,one wonders if Axl Rose is doing a lot of medications(alias meds),given his past public outbursts and meltdowns of the last 25 to 28 years,since his voice on this current tour doesn’t sound up-to-par(constantly slipping in and out,vocal-wise) and makes one also wonder if he is in good health or not,which may have played a possible factor in Axl burying the hatchet with both Slash and Duff after a 20+ years hiatus from them since Axl surely doesn’t look very healthy in my eyes and he easily broke his foot at the GN’R reunion tour premiere night in Los Angeles’ Troublaure nightclub.

Whether love it or hate it,it’ll be very interesting to see what comes out of this Axl Rose/AC/DC union(which looks to b a lot more intriguing than the Chester Bennington/Stone Temple Pilots union,Van Halen,and any other 70s,80s,and 90s band),and just how long it’ll possibly last(given that Angus will boot out Axl if he starts acting up[via one of his mood swing]).

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