John Carpenter And Jason Blum Join The HALLOWEEN Relaunch: What Next…

A few days ago,the news was announced that both Jason Blum(the maestro producer of the modern horror genre powerhouse known as Blumhouse Productions) and Malek Akkad have joined forces with John Carpenter to produce the new HALLOWEEN relaunch film that will debut in October 2017,with Carpenter serving as both an executive producer and providing the music.

A lot of the newer breed of filmmakers have massively lined up at the door to undertake directing(as well as writing) the new film,which all include the likes of Adam Wingard,Mike Flanagan,Adam Green,and Joe Lynch.  Despite all of these names,one wonder heavily wish that Carpenter himself(which has slowly downed upon working in films[with his last film being 2012’s THE WARD]) would instead take upon both writing and directing the film,something that would enormously rock the entire genre film universe and soemthng that the HALLOWEEN films(which has been downhill since Part 5) would really need.

Now,what the storyline will be about,whether it continues the storyline of either 1981’s HALLOWEEN 2,Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN 2(H2),HALLOWEEN:RESURRECTION,HALLOWEEN 6,or HALLOWEEN 3,or instead birth itself an entirely new storyline(and opening a whole new alternate universe[ala the other HALLOWEEN films]) is anyones guess.

Just make sure that It Is A Really Damn Good HALLOWEEN Film,Damn It !!!!

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