Gorilla Saves Fallen Kid,Get Rewarded By Being Shot


A few days ago,a tragic event happened at the local Cincinnati Zoo where an unwatched four year old boy accidently fell into an animal exhibit,which was the home of Harambre the gorilla.  Seeing the fallen child,Harambre came to his aid and held him in his arms to protect him,only to be rewarded by the zoo staff by getting shot dead,since they feared Harambre was going to do harm to the kid.

Now,I’m not going to criticize the zoo staff for what they did or cry about what happened to Harambre,for the only thing that I can ask here is just why the zoo staff didn’t get an animal/gorilla whisperer to get to Harambre’s habitat and have him release the child to save him from being shot.  And why didn’t the staff use tranquilizer darts to knock out Harambre if they thought that major harm was to be done.  That is all I am asking.

End of discussion(upon this very matter).

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