The TNA Apocalypse Comsumes The Hardy Boys

I’m taking a break today from both movies and politics to discuss about wrestling…

As rumors of TNA wrestling slowly going under continue to fill up the Internet,there has been a recent family feud of two former well known WWE Attitude Era wrestlers whose heated rivalry that started in the WWE in the early 00s/2000s has moved on to TNA and is now consisting of becoming their current major item,for Matt Hardy has taken on a heel persona,dyed his hair,and adapted a bizarre European accent as he’s been throwing everything he’s got at his brother Jeff.

This event has pretty much soured  lot of wrestling fans who are as disgusted with the current state of the WWE as they have with TNA for the last six to eight years. With a network future growing more gloomy by the day(as they’ve bounced around from Spike TV to Destination America to PopTV),one looks at this really silly(which the storyline truly is for this) resurrected Hardy brothers feud as TNA’s last ditch attempt to attract the wrestling fans away from the WWE(as well as both Ring Of Honor and AAA’s Lucha Underground) to watch their company’s show and witness this feud with two former major WWE name stars who are TNA’s current two top names,yet many fans feel that this feud has been done before and is just resurrected for TV ratings purposes and as well as to get the fans to watch their shows again.

TNA has a lot of great rising new talents(such as Jade and Rosemary[with her Harley Quinn-meets-Marilyn Manson persona] and her boys in The Decay),but this resurged Hardy brothers feud just feels very gratuitous since the Hardys are nearing the twilight nadir of their careers and they haven’t got much else that is fresh and innovating anyone to offer,since they had their peak in the early and mid 00s/2000s in elevating both their wrestling personas and in-ring abilities back when they were the WWE’s Golden Boys(before CM Punk to knock them out of their top spots[which angered the WWE brass company behind-the-scenes people]).

It’ll be interesting to see what TNA will do to stay afloat throughout the rest of 2016 and possibly 2017,as well as if both Matt and Jeff Hardy decide to return to the WWE to bring their careers to a close,if this current brotherly feud in TNA doesn’t throw a permanent monkey wrench in those very plans.

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Steven M.


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