The Hardy Brothers’ TNA Final Deletion Match = Vomit Inducing,Sanity Losing Crapola

Well,the recent TNA episode that aired the Hardy Brothers(Matt and Jeff)’ Final Deletion match was one that may have been as massively talked about as the recent police shooting of two black guys(which are separate situations)but is one match that I wisely ignored watching for the sheer sake of saving both my eyesight and my sanity fully intact from watching this abomination.

As Matt Hardy undertakes his current “Broken” wrestling persona in screaming “Delete,delete,delete !!!”(something that wrestler Kevin Owens does[along with Blocking] on Twitter on a daily basis) while speaking his bizarre fake European accent,I’ll just say that it is sad to see two talented siblings allowing to demean themselves in a stupid feud angle in a bizarre vignette(that looks as though they produced it with their own money) as a last pitch ditch to salvage what is left of their careers(which they[along with TNA] are on their last legs).  The fans and wrestling podcasters that support this crap make it even more sadder,since they make complete hypocrites of themselves in being nitpicky about everything  that is currently going on in both wrestling and life yet loudly cheer and applaud this garbage and it says an awful lot of these tools. It just makes me frown seeing how the Hardys and the clueless TNA bosses are relying on this crap as a financial resource to get them mightily lifted up to be glanced upon by everybody,no matter how utterly insane and deranged it is.

I just hope that they’re happy with this conducting this nails-on-a-blackboard-esque garbage,since the WWE(where the Hardys could have really made their major comebacks) and the more intelligent fans and podcasters will just wisely turn their backs on this crapola.

John Carpenter Got Testy With Fans With His Recent Interviews Where He Trashes The Original FRIDAY THE 13TH. And  Various Film Cliches(While Co-Producing The New HALLOWEEN Sequel),For John Is Rightfully Entitled To His Own Opinions(Whether Or Not We Agree With Them) And Otherwise: Like John,I’m Not Going To Be At This Weekend’s UFC 200 Nor Its Fan Fest(Since I Really Can’t Stand  Dana White,Joe Rogan,And Big John McCarthy]): Too Bad That Jon “Bones” Jones’ Drug Problems Got UFC 200’s Main Event Taken Down(With The Brock Lesnar Vs. Mark Hunt Match Fully Salvaging The Entire UFC 200 Card[And Now Being The Main Event Match])

Steven M.


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