Metallica’s Upcoming Album ‘Hardwired…To Self Destruct’: A Return To Form Or More Of The Same Ole Bullshit ?!

via Metallica To Release ‘Hardwired…To Self Destruct’ Album In November –

Amid the news of various upcoming movies and the latest political antics(is Donald Trump really in the election just to promote his two sons’ impending political careers[with Donald Jr. planning a New York City mayorial run,and Eric possibly going for a New York senate or governor run] ?),news comes of Metallica having recently completed and preparing to release their new album in November,with  a cover that similarly resembles Crowbar’s 1998 album cover(is drummer Lars Ulrich possessed/infected by The Thing[with tentacles and crab legs about to gorily burst out from his body] ?) and the title song “Hardwired” that is reminiscent of their early and mid 80s glory.

Since Metallica has pretty much succeeded in sliding their path from the thrash metal scene to being more mainstream with 1991’s self titled Black album(which was jokingly subtitled “Married To Metal”[since two of Metallica’s members were getting divorces during the time of its recording]) to becoming grunge/alt.rock with both “Load” and “Reload”(featuring three great songs[the album’s first three songs],and mainly filler) to exploring Nu Metal with “St. Anger”(with singer/rhythm guitarist James Hetfield’s mumbled lyrics displaying the drunken state he was in at the time[and in rehab]) to their grindcore album “Death Magnetic”(which didn’t contain one memorable song),”Hardwired…Etc,Etc.” sounds like it’s promising to return to the sound of the first four albums although I’ll wisely take it with a grain of salt since James,Lars,lead guitarist Kirk Hammett,and bassist Robert Trujillo(the Roman Reigns/Jason Mamoa looking stunt double that he is) wouldn’t want to risk ever losing the richer and comfortably luxurious things in life that they struggled so hard to achieve and wind up on the B,C,and D grade list like so many of their fellow 80s bands.

Otherwise,I’ll just wisely sit back and say my word on “Hardwired” when it gets officially released.

R.I.P.: Kenny Baker,A.K.A.: R2D2(Artoo Detoo) Of The First Seven STAR WARS Films(And Yes,He Briefly Played Artoo In Episode 7)

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