Late October Ramblings

via Henry Rollins Blasts Donald Trump, Says Hillary Clinton ‘Would Make A Very Good President’ –

Since October is almost over and both Halloween,November,and Election Day are all around the corner,here are some of my thoughts on the latest current news….

*  THE WALKING DEAD: SEASON SEVEN ;  You’ve got to give both Jeffrey Dean Morgan(/Negan0 and (make-up effects man/)director Greg Nicotero for delivering such an emotionally powerful episode,with both Glenn and Abe having literally bit the dust. And to all of those that are criticizing this very episode: It Is On A Cable Channel and not regular network television and it isn’t supposed to be calm and peaceful nor even G rated(for that matter),for get the hell out of here if you don’t like it(especially if you’re a hater of the show). The same goes for all of you snickering fanboys and fangirls who are foolishly blaming Daryl for Glenn’s death,yes…the very same people who threaten to riot if Daryl dies. (Rolls Eyes)

*  After we lost Glenn Rhee,we also lost both legendary horror television shot John Zacharley and character actor Michael Massee.

*   Fanboys and fangirls are petitioning on-line for both Quentin Tarantino and the Soska Sisters to direct DEADPOOL 2(?!?!).    Tarantino would have no interest,since he’s too busy with his own projects and the major studios wouldn’t consider the Soskas for that very sequel(since the Soskas are Straight-To-VOD/DVD/Blu ray filmmakers in the studio executives’ and studio producers’ eyes).

*  As November 8th. draws nears there is plenty of endless sheer lunacy is going on,with Mr. Corporate Brothel Pimp himself Dennis Hof running for a Nevada Assembly seat as a Libertarian,yet he’s rubbing shoulders with Tea Party Republicans such as (the ever nauseating) Michele Fiore and is blaming both his Democrat seat rival and the Krdashians for causing the burning down of his house,which they had nothing to do with.  Dennis’ YouTube channel has also been terminated after making those accusations against the Kardashians and his Nevada Assembly seat rival on last weekend’s Bunny Ranch video.

—  I’m not going to complain about Donald Trump anymore,since I can no longer take the guy seriously and if he was Very Serious about really wanting to be President he wouldn’t be saying the insane things that he says and would focus more on discussing both healthcare and the economy(than about building Very Un-American border walls).

— The Trump trolls are threatening to bully and harass anyone that is voting(especially on the opposite side) on Election Day,claiming they yearn to make sure that anyone doesn’t return to the polls to vote three to six times.  The Trump trolls will be likely to be the ones doing that,and I’ll bravely be there at the voting polls on Election day to cast my vote(and Not for Trump) and not allow any of those bullies to dare push me around(They Won’t).

—  The Cliven Bundy bunch have been released from jail,in time for the elections.

And speaking of which,I’ll just end this blog entry on this note…

I’ve Got A Conspiracy Theory About This Election That Not Even Alex Jones(The Traitorous Sell-Out That He Is) Nor Jesse Ventura Are Talking About,For I’ll Openly Share It After The Elections End

Steven M.



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