THE WALKING DEAD’s TV Ratings Down ?!

For the last few weeks,anyone who reads my blogs have noticed that they’ve been taking the Keith Olbermann and Jim Cornette(non wrestling related) route in severely talking trash about the upcoming regime of the Vastly Supreme Overlord Donald Trump and his(along with Mike Pence’s) Political Cabinet Of Doom(or,better yet,From Hell).  But since this is a horror/genre films blog first and a liberal(and Damn Proud Of It)political leaning blog second,I’ll just wisely return to cover a little bit more of what is happening in horror(just for right now,at least).

THE WALKING DEAD has gone down its its TV ratings after its Season Seven premiere episode that gained it a bombastic 17 million viewers,only for that millions number declining.  Knowing how heavily emotional and extremely touchy the WALKING DEAD fans get over the show and what happens to every character that is on it,one part of the reason why ratings are down could be that the WALKING DEAD fans hate the new human villain Negan that damn much,considering how brutally he killed both Glenn and Abraham and how brutally he is treating both Rick and Daryl by shattering their tough guy souls and being the dominant one(until Carol,Morgan,and their new group show up[for a rumored Season Finale war between their side and Negan’s The Saviors]).   Maybe it is so,since the criminally underrated Jeffrey Dean Morgan is doing an excellent job at playing Negan and getting as much It-About-Time recognition as is fellow criminally underrated Ed Harris with HBO’s WESTWORLD TV series.  Sure,some can complain about the slow pace of some of THE WALKING DEAD’s Seasons(ala Season Two[which has slowly grown on me]),but I feel that the WALKING DEAD fans are that damn pissed off at Negan for stripping away both Daryl and Rick of their tough guy manhoods in a very emotional manner,which is a major success for J.D. Morgan as an actor to be getting the fans that heavily emotional enough in that manner,for the “Good News” for them is that Negan and his trusty barbwire covered baseball bat Lucille will return for Season Eight just to both further annoy them and to help propel the show along in making it even more intriguing,as it already is.

I Haven’t Yet Seen Neither Of The Current Celluloid Flavors Of The Month THE MONSTER Nor THE EYES OF MY MOTHER,For I’ll Let Everyone Know When I Eventually Get To Watch Them

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