After 44 Years,The LAST TANGO IN PARIS Controversy Still Lingers On

Good news,anti-political fans,for here’s another look at films(just as the Christmas season is quickly looming upon us)….

Just recently,a new controversy has surfaced for the 44 year old erotic themed film LAST TANGO IN PARIS,where depicts the adulterous relationship between Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider.  Its Oscar winning(for THE LAST EMPEROR) director/co-writer Bernando Bertolucci recently revealed that he both originally wanted to have the notorious “butter” scene as an actual hardcore XXX scene and that it is actually a real on-screen rape as he intended it to be,a statement that angered both Jessica Chastain and Mike Flanagan(the OCULUS/OUIJA:ORIGINS OF EVIL guy),as well as ignited a handful of people to urge MGM to drop the film from its catalog.

Anyone that closely follows 70s cinema and the mindset of the filmmakers around that time era know that the 70s were well known for its daringly risque cinema and that the filmmakers of the time had a lot of insane and outrageous things on their minds even though they never meant to intend any of it,since I’m assuming that Bertolucci is just mainly bluffing since had that actually happened on-screen(or was to be a hardcore XXX scene) LAST TANGO IN PARIS(along with SALO:THE 120 DAYS OF SODOM and IN THE REALM OF THE SENSES) would have gotten permanently banned from ever planning on American movie screens,and I highly doubt it if that scene was actually meant to be that way since I’ve seen the film a handful of times and that controversial “butter” scene does play in well with the film’s dark themes(of which there is more of[on an emotional human level] than on-screen nudity),given the troubled and haunted character that Brando portrays.  And I can can easily understand Schneider’s feelings toward both the film and Bertolucci since I’m sure that working in a heavily dark film and working with Brando(who was rumored to be not the easiest actor to work with[although I’m sure that he was a very nice guy if you met and got to know him]) weren’t the easiest things for an actress to endure.  And I just find it ridiculous to this argument to be brought up for a film that is 40+ plus years old since there are a lot of more worse things in the world to worry about than about a scandalous film of long ago,for just don’t see it nor mention it if you don’t like it and wisely ignore whatever insane ramblings a filmmaker(such as Bertolucci) says.

And BTW:I haven’t yet seen ROGUE ONE:A STAR WARS STORY,but I have seen Rob Zombie’s 31 and I thoroughly enjoyed it for what it was. And too bad if the anti-31 crowd/haters don’t like it.

R.I.P.: Zsa Zsa Gabor(At The Age Of 99[Just Before What Would Have Been Her Upcoming 100th. Birthday])

Steven M.                


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