Let’s Face It:Fangoria Is Practically Dead

After several months of ending their printing days in 2016,both now ex-Fangoria magazine editor Ken W. Hanley(who replaced Chris Alexander[the ex-Rue Morgue editor who replaced longtime Fango editor Tony Timpone{the corporate monopolizing czar himself}]) and The Devil’s Eyes site announced that Fangoria has officially ended their days as a magazine(of any kind)…


Since publisher Tom DiLeo took over the Fangoria magazine empire in 2009,things have sprung out of control with the likes of Timpone,(longtime Fango co-editor) Michale Gingold,and many writers who have claimed to have not paid for their hard work,Fangoria has been suffering a slowly excruiatingly painful death that has seen the magazine and its media empire losing a lot of believability and confidence with the fans,despite the strongly ambitious efforts by Alexander to re-invent(and fully reboot) Fango as a more mature and adult magazine(complete with nudity and adult films such as SALO:THE 120 DAYS OF SODOM being covered) but only to be mightily shot down by the antics of its employed writer Lianne Spiderbaby,who not only wrote a controversial article about being heavily affected by the remake of 2010’s boring I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE remake that many people claimed was a shoot to help promote that very film(since Lianne was a fan of such rape-filled films as SALO) but was a few years later charged with plagarism that forced her to resign and mysteriously disappear into the unknown(even though she briefly dated Quinten Tarantino soon after).  Fango also made a lot of major denials about the activities that have been going on around them with many fans and media related people not believing their side of things.

Fangoria is best remembered as launching in the Summer of 1979(even though they falsely claimed throughout the 80s and 90s that they’ve been around since 1978[their original launch date that was stalled until ’79]),with (Uncle)Bob Martin having been the main editor(and the man who named the magazine[which is a shortening of the word “phantasmagoria”]) and edited the zine till 1985,which was Fango’s best era before Timpone took over and transformed it into a corporate conglamorate magazine that became relatively bland and predictable with its coverage of many major studio films with each issue doing coverage of a film with one being about the film,another issue or two about the stars,another issue about the director,another issue about the film’s scriptwriter,and another issue about the make-up effects.  Neverless,Fango was practically the Holy Grail of both horror magazine and horror conventions(with their their Fangoria Weekend Of Horrors events) through the late 80s,the 90s,and the 00s/2000s until it literally ran out of steam by the end of the 00s/2000s.

Fangoria is now practically dead with rigor mortis slowly setting in,which is a sad fate for a magazine that meant so much to many fans and is now pretty much on life support and is waiting for the day it sees its last day in the sun. As several people are strongly hoping that Fango will make a triumphant return,it sadly never will since the damage has already been done and there is no hope for Fangoria in sight,for we all have to be just extremely lucky that the likes of Rue Morgue,Horrorhound,Shock Cinema Fanex,Phantom Of The Movies,and Diabolique are still staying strong in print and are still available on bookstore shelves.

UncleBob Martin Is Currently In The Hospital And Kindly Needs Help With His Medical Bills,For If You’ve Got Some Loose Pocket Change Kindly Donate It To…https://www.gofuneme.com/uncle-bob-martin-medical-fund

Steven M.


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