Robert Englund As HALLOWEEN’s New Doctor Loomis ?!?!

As the recently announced David Gordon Green directed HALLOWEEN film(which he’s co-written with Danny McBride[yes,the one and only comedian] and that both Blumhouse’s Jason Blum and John Carpenter will co-produce) is slowly in the pre-production stages,someone has decided to put out their very own on-line petition…

Robert Englund as the new Dr. Loomis ?!?!

Sorry,but as much as I like Robert Englund and would openly welcome his presence in a new major studio horror film,Englund is just not right for the role of Loomis,since Loomis is mainly intended for a British actor to undertake and having Englund(or  A.J. Bowen,Larry Fessenden,Mark Duprass,or even Bill Moseley[who are all decent actors]) as Loomis heavily distracts the fact that it just Robert Englund as Dr. Loomis and not an actor who can easily disappear into that very role as both Donald Pleasence and Malcolm McDowell did in the previous HALLOWEEN films.

If both Green and McBride plan on having Loomis(as well as Jamie Lee Curtis back as Laurie Strode) back in their new film,they might as well have Anthony Hopkins as Loomis,since he would be perfect in the role,fully capture Loomis’ character quirks,and Hopkins is at the point in his career where he could really need a film to propel him back onto the mainstream(and onto the big theatrical screen).

Otherwise,I’m just hoping that it’ll be a really damn good HALLOWEEN film,which is all I’m asking(and politely demanding).

LOGAN(The New WOLVERINE Film) Is Now Out In Theaters,With KONG:SKULL ISLAND Arriving In Theaters Next Week: At Least Movie Escapism In The Quickly Moving Year Of 2017(Which I Can’t Believe We’re Already In March Now) Is On An All-High Cinematic High(Box Office Financial Grosses-Wise)

Steven M.


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