It Sucks To Be So Self Important

Since the death of its main man/singer Kevin Dubrow,Quiet Riot has been on an extremely rocky road since drummer Frankie Banali reformed the band as it has gone through a great many various singers(with Jizzy Pearl having lasted the longest)as QR has now moved on from its last singer Seann Nicolas(of Adler’s Appetite) to its newfound current singer James Durbin of AMERICAN IDOL fame,with the always vocal crowd over at the Blabbermouth website loudly questioning both the choice of Durbin and QR’s frequent change in its line-up of singers.

Instead of being wise and ignoring the vocal fans,Durbin instead threw a hissy fit as he loudly berated the fans at Blabbermouth,referring to them as “supreme scum” and showing what extremely light skin he’s got via his oh-so-self important statement about his role in the band.  While I can understand Durbin stating his important in his first gig in fronting a well known name band,it is pretty ridiculous for Durbin to get too sensitive in allowing people to get under his skin since I’ve been on the Internet for 15 years and it took me half a year in quickly growing some very thickskin and basically ignoring people,not giving a sheer fuck about what anyone says about me since I haven’t got any time for people being super critical of me and anyone’s trolling bullshit(since several have tried it before,only to find themselves getting deleted and blocked).  And no,the Blabbermouth folks weren’t trolling Durbin,since they all wisely know that it’s silly for a guy in his late twenties who resembles a young Goth model fronting a past-their-prime heavy metal band that hasn’t had a hit song or a hit album in many years and that are pretty much going through the motions in striving to survive on the music scene,and it was pretty dumb of Durbin vocally tearing apart the people that QR strongly relies on to help give them the support that they fully need(since this is what Kevin Dubrow learned throughout the years after severely trashing many other heavy metal bands[in a competitive streak] that cost QR their chart topping career,being that it’s the fans[that mainly count the most]) and instead just lump them in amongst the same region where drummer Bobby Blotzer’s incarnation of Ratt is currently at(with Nicolas now that latter band’s new singer),for as bizarre,wild,and insane of a ride that Blotzer’s Ratt(without the original members[who have reformed and are planning a tour and a new album[without Blotzer]) truly is,at least Blotzer’s Ratt is much more entertaining to hear about than Frankie Banali’s and James Durbin’s incarnation of Quiet Riot.

And on a final note: while I’m fully aware of the Quiet Riot song “It Sucks To Be You”,I’ll just wisely instead post a video clip of wrestler Broken Matt Hardy speaking upon how many fans feel like seeing happen to Durbin(career-wise)…

This Coming Friday In Theaters Is The New Celluloid Monster Mash KONG:SKULL ISLAND; Damn,These Movies Are Coming Out An Awful Lot Faster Than I Can Catch Up With Seeing Them

Steven M.


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