Dario Argento Has Two New Horror Projects In The Works,For Where’s THE SANDMAN ?!

Source: Dario Argento has two new horror projects in the works

According to the link above,Italian horror filmmaker Dario Argento has said that he is slowly working on two new horror film projects,his first since 2013’s ARGENTO’S DRACULA 3-D film,but didn’t give any details upon which certain films they will be.

Speaking of which,one really needs to bravely ask Dario just what the hell happened to his previous project THE SANDMAN,which had both Iggy Pop(in the title role)and Canadian podcaster/punk rock band musician Darren Abraham amongst the cast and had a crowdfunding campaign to help finance the film. For while I can understand that filming was delayed due to a stairway falling accident that Dario had in his home a year or two ago,the film’s producers have since remained silent about the current state of THE SANDMAN(even though Dario gave an update last year saying that there are numerous producers of various nations behind THE SANDMAN that have delayed its filming. I’m heavily curious to see upon whether Dario is still attached to THE SANDMAN,if it’ll have a different cast and a different filmmaker behind the camera,or if THE SANDMAN will happen at all(since making a crowdfunding contribution to a film project is a major risk to take).

Can’t Believe That This Month Of March Is Almost Over,Since It Is Going To Be April This Coming Saturday,Making Another Quickly Moving Dysfunctional Year

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