Wow. Just What The World “Really” Needs(Insert Quote Fingers): The “Suspiria” Remake

Source: First Look: Dakota Johnson in the Suspiria remake

The on again,off again remake of SUSPIRIA,which the original
film’s director/co-writer Dario Argento isn’t involved with(although I hope that he’s getting some really good paying upcoming royalties[from this one]),has finally completed production and is planning a Fall release.

From the looks of these photos from the film,it looks like it’s one of those retro films that is set in(the ever overused time period decade of) the 70s(since the 80s is the currently overused time period[to set a film in]). While it is foolish to judge a film by the look of its pics,I’ll just wisely wait until it is eventually released(mainly as a future DVD library rental) and sit back just to see how ti fares out in theaters,which hopefully ought to reignite interest in Dario Argento’s name(after his fall from grace via his more recent Uwe Boll-esque films and the incredibly botched pre-production from Hell that is [the still unfilmed] THE SANDMAN[thanks to its shady numerous producers{that are tightly attached to the project}]).

While some recent remakes are great(PIRANHA,THE HILLS HAVE EYES,EVIL DEAD,THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE) and some completely disposable(SORORITY ROW,BLACK XMAS,HOUSE OF WAX 2005,DAWN OF THE DEAD 2004[sorry,fanboys{and fangirls}]),this SUSPIRIA remake just doesn’t sound inspiring in any way and I’m sure that it is the last thing that this currently dysfunctional world really needs,it is just better(as I said earlier) to just sit back and see what happens,ala Ron Howard now being the replacement director of the still filming HAN SOLO:A STAR WARS STORY(which I’m sure he’ll do tremendously well on).

Everyone Knows By Now About The Overly Ballyhooed Floyd Mayweather Vs. Conor McGregor Boxing Match In August,Which Will Be A Mucho Payday(of Over $100[For Conor Mac] To $200 Million[For Floyd]) For Both Floyd And Conor Mac And It’ll Be A Major Guess Upon Who Wins,Since They Both Have Major Reputations That Neither One Can Afford To Lose(Unless One Of Those Two Men Is Planning To Make A Very Major Payday Attaining Retirement)

Steven M.


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