We’ve Now Lost Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington

Just when we all thought that this year’s surprise celebrity deaths couldn’t be any more shocking,word has come out that Linkin Park singer and former Stone Temple Pilots replacement singer Chester Bennington has passed away at the age of 41,right on the eve of both an upcoming new album and an upcoming tour(which I’m sure will possibly be restructured as a touring tribute to Chester).

His death has been reported to be a suicide,for while I’m no fan of Linkin Park it is sad that he died too soon and while Linkin Park was still on top of the mountain.

Here come all of the tributes and homages to Chester…

O.J. Simpson Is Now Getting Paroled From Jail,For The Prison Staff There Must Be Glad That He’s Leaving In October And Hopefully O.J. Will Be Travelling On A Spaceship To The Moons Of Saturn To Never Return

Steven M.

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