Quentin Tarantino Now Yearning To Direct A  STAR TREK Film ?!  Plus: The Problems Of Harry Knowles And Victor Salva

Quentin Tarantino has famously stated that, following The Hateful Eight, he only has two films left in him. We’ve been left to wonder what those two final films would be about? Rumor has it t…

Source: Quentin Tarantino on the possibility of directing a Star Trek film

According to the above link,filmmaker Quentin Tarantino a few months ago claimed that he was planning on making a Charles Manson film and attempting to get both Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence(Miramax Films’ original choice for Jennifer Jason Leigh’s role in THE HATEFUL EIGHT) involved,and now he answered a recent question asked to him by a TMZ reporter saying that he’s open to writing and directing a future STAR TREK film.

Given the less-than-stellar box office returns for the recent TREK film STAR TREK:BEYOND and Paramount Pictures’ dissatisfaction with J.J. Abrams planning to jump over to Lucasfilms to direct STAR WARS:EPISODE 9,having Tarantino directing the next(or future) STAR TREK film is a desperate needed choice for Paramount to attempt to resurrect the series once again,although while it’s a pretty novel idea one wonders just how Tarantino would approach it…for yeah,he would have to make it a PG to PG-13 rated affair and he would possibly give small roles and cameos to familiar science fiction related actors and actresses such as John Saxon,Sybil Danning,Caroline Munro,and even STAR WARS’ Mark Hamill,as well as adds in some familiar sci-fi musical scores from certain classic sci-fi films(for the soundtrack),for the main thing would be if he takes the TREK project,would QT add something new to the TREK formula to freshen it up and take it to new places that the likes of Gene Roddenberry and J.J. Abrams couldn’t think of and possibly advance some of the story ideas and futuristic technology to vamp up the TREK universe in a way to modernize it for the times(since we are living in the 21st. Century).

Given how many of Tarantino’s announced projects end up going to same unfilmed territory as Guillemero del Toro’s,it’ll be interesting to see whether Tarantino’s proposed STAR TREK project(as well as his Manson project) actually gets made,since Tarantino isn’t going to make a STAR WARS film(whether it’s a spin-off film or an Episode) anytime soon and doesn’t seem to feel the urge to deal with the immensive egos of real life Sith Lords Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy(as intriguing as would be if Tarantino ever felt the urge to make a STAR WARS film[or even a James Bond film,at that matter]).

AintItCool’s Head Honcho Harry Knowles Is In Trouble,Being Accused Of Making Sexual Moves(Via Rubbing Up Against The Body Of) Upon A Woman,With Harry’s Site Having Now Lost The Likes Of Writers Quint,Capone,and Horrorella. Whether Or Not These Allegations Are True(Since Harry Is A Paraplegic[Who Walks Around On Crutches{Due To A Stage falling Accident He Had At A 1996 Convention}]),This Is Putting The Futures Of Harry And The Owners Of The Alamo Drafthouse Theater Chain In Despair,In As Much Despair As Filmmaker Victor Salva’s Career(Which Might Be Ending[Courtesy Of Numerous On-Line Protests Against His Molestation Of A Child Actor On The Set Of His Debut Film CLOWNHOUSE]),As His Long Awaited Sequel JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 Is Receiving A One Night Release(Which I Can’t Make Due To No Close Theaters Near My Home).

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