Corey Sells,But Who’s Buying ?!

As the rest of the world is patiently waiting six weeks(as of this writing) till the eighth STAR WARS film STAR WARS:THE LAST JEDI gets officially released to theaters,everyone has seen the latter half of this year becoming the year of hunting for Hollywood-based sexual predators as the likes of Victor Salva,Harvey Weinstein,and Kevin Spacey being forced to step down due to allegations of sexual abuse(mainly with both Salva and Weinstein).  As several more well known names are slowly coming up(and will likely continue),one wonders if this is a far right wing backed political witchhunt(which is semi-reminiscent of the 50s’ anti-Communist crusade that made many Hollywood filmmakers and scriptwriters lose their jobs[especially when they formed their own unions]) to tame down not only Hollywood and “their wicked,wicked ways”(since the casting couch[where people of both sexes have literally bedded with producers,filmmakers,and studio chiefs] has existed since the 20s) and but also on liberal social society,for are things going to get to the ridiculous point of when one accidentally touches a lady’s(or guy’s) arm or foot,gets drunk and kisses them,or stares at them that it’s suddenly “sexual harassment !!!” ?   Political correctness is one thing,but social correctness is another that is just getting downright ridiculous to the point that it’ll ruin(and destroy) many innocent peoples’ lives.

Speaking of ridiculous,one person that is taking full advantage oft his crusade is former 80s teen star Corey Feldman,who is now attempting to further charge things up with his own crusade against Hollywood-based sexual predators and pedophiles which he is planning in a massive campaign upon which he’s working on grossing $10 million dollars to back his crusade.  While I can understand his intentions to take down these people(since there are so many of them[including in the genre fandom scene and the underground media scene]),it is pretty questionable considering that Feldman had a very questionable “friendship” with Michael Jackson(who had a well documented controversial background) and also hid some secrets regarding his on-and-off close relationships with both Michael(whom Feldman frequently liked to dress like and dance like) and (the late) Corey Haim,a teen star who(like Feldman) also fell victim to Hollywood’s sexual predators.  Feldman also dropped a few name he claims are guilty and amongst the predators,with both little known character actor John Grissom(no relations to the popular legal/courtroom suspense thriller novelist) and former character actor/filmmaker-turned-conservative radio talk show host Dominick Brascia,the latter mentioned man who has loudly denied Feldman’s allegations and has openly defended his innocence upon those charges(which is a very believably convincing one).

Indeed is Feldman’s anti-Hollywood predators/pedophiles crusade very questionable(as questionable as his Crispin Glover-meets-an Elvis impersonator look),since he has been speaking out on this dilemma for the last seven years and is now describing many insane conspiracy theory-style incidents in claiming that Tinseltown industry related people have been attempting to kill him to the point(via in describing an incident where two cars attempted run him over while he was in the streets) that members of his musical band(of his second career in music) have left him that would comfortably fit in with Alex Jones,as well as asking for an awful lot of money in his social crusade as if he is broke(even though he has some money of his own via his royalties from his 80s films).  One wonders if 3/4 of the reason behind his crusade is to make himself relevant again since he is seen by many people as both a major joke and as a silly and cheesy guy via his numerous Straight-To-VHS video/DVD films that he relied on to make a living in the 90s and the 00s/2000s and his musical career of completely horrible music that would make your ears want to commit suicide.  He also doesn’t help his crusade by both claiming that Haim was bisexual(yet Feldman had a very “questionable” relationship with Jackson[which Jordie Chandler{Jackson’s 1992 accuser} would pop up from nowhere to question him on,but Jordie has been missing since last year]) and that Haim’s grieving mother is evil for not liking him and saying that he did bad to Haim.    Trashing your best friend’s mother isn’t a very nice thing to do since it only makes your real life character and persona look pretty ugly and your crusade even less believable.

All I can say that I wish Corey Feldman all of the best in his anti-Hollywood pedophiles crusade,for I’m sure that everyone will instead wisely take advantage of the slowly booming rise in independent horror/genre films by donating to one(or two,or three) of those film projects’ very Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunder campaigns.

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