Will Van Halen Ever Return Again ? 

According to TMZ, Eddie Van Halen has filed a lawsuit against a videographer who was hired to film VAN HALEN rehearsals more than a decade ago for a possible ‘DVD or video project.’ The guitarist c…

Source: EDDIE VAN HALEN Sues To Stop Release Of 2006 VAN HALEN Rehearsal Footage

Courtesy of this linked article,this is pretty much the only project that Van Halen is currently involved in right now during their musical hiatus via a 2006 video of Eddie,his brother Alex,and Eddie’s son Wolfgang(alias Wolfie) having one of their many musical jam sessions,with Eddie still in his drug phase that Wolfie helped rescue him out of in performing once again.

There were plans to release the 2006 footage as part of a documentary about Van Halen,which Eddie has pretty much put a stop to with his lawsuit as everyone in the world is wondering if Van Halen are going to reunite together again after 2013’s A DIFFERENT KIND OF TRUTH album(which consisted of old VH demos[to help get Eddie back into his vintage guitar playing style]) and the follow-up live album,since nothing has come to play since there and there seems to be nothing going on with the band,for if Eddie and Alex(as well as singer David Lee Roth) decide not to continue on with Van Halen they can just hand it over to Wolfie to lead and have him recruit a group of new younger musicians(including a new younger singer) to continue the brand name onward instead of just leaving fans wondering what is going to happen next.

No Need To Ask Me About My Thoughts On (The Extremely Lame)Raw 25,This Past Weekend’s Royal Rumble,Ronda Rousey Joining The WWE(Which Angered The Meathead MMA/UFC Fans),That ASH AND THE TOXIC AVENGER VS. THE DEVIL’S REJECTS DURING THE RESURRECTION OF THE CHRIST Whatever The Heck That Project Is Called(And If It’ll Actually Happen),and President Donald Trump’s State Of The Union(With All Of His Humanoid Crash Dummies Looking Republican Allies),Since I’m Too Tied To Comment On It All Of Everything(That I Mentioned[And Whatever I Forgot To Mention])Right Now(Maybe About Ronda In The WWE Next Time)

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