Now It’s Roseanne Barr Who is Further Politically Dividing America

Yeah,Roseanne Barr has resurrected her late 80s/early 90s television series ROSEAANE for a nine episode reboot,which has so far done very successful for her on the exception that the Roseanne characters share one common thing with the super obnoxious and extremely loud real life Roseanne: they are both avid President Donald Trump supporters,and that Roseanne Barr is a liberal hating far right wing conservative.

While most of the people on-line have given her new show a lot of praise,I haven’t bothered–and won’t–watch it due to the fact that Roseanne Barr is a super nasty person that is more nuts than the title of her previous short lived television series ROSEANNE’S NUTS(which had her in control of a Maui,Hawaii-based macadamia nuts company) for now that she’s become a far right wing conservative,an Infowars/Alex Jones sis(as in Sista/Sister) warrior,and a Trump worshipper she has become more increasingly obnoxious and hateful now that her TV reboot is going on,for I can easily predict that The Yenta Queen’s rebooted television show will Not be renewed due to Roseanne allowing her ego and her super bad attitude running out-of-control without stopping at the red light and that she’ll easily self destruct now that she is succeeding in the far right wing’s plans in further dividing America and turning friends and supporters to run against each other over her and her worthless reboot show,which didn’t really need to be revisited as both John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf look very miserable being on this show since they’re merely in it for the mucho paying paychecks that come along with their gigs as was previously seen on Roseanne’s and Goodman’s recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night talk show,with Roseanne cussing out Kimmel for asking her about her change in her political stance(from being a liberal to becoming a conservative) while Goodman looked depressed and as if he’d rather leap off from a large bridge than be there to help plug Roseanne’s televisied claptrap.

I may be losing friends and supporters over my anti-Roseanne comments,but since I’m the guy who gives zero fucks(and wisely ignores those who attempt to draw me into their arguments) there is just no way–No Way(!!!!)–that I’m going to bow down to Roseanne’s rebooted show on the merits that it was groundbreaking in a handful of things(such as how end credits on television shows are displayed,and the realistic portrayal of a low income family) since the ROSEANNE show is a thing of the past that needs to be left in the past as much as Roseanne Barr truly does need to be permanently left in,for her ex-husband Tom Arnold shares the same common in Tommy Lee in being permanently away from his ex-partner in life.

Anyone Think As Much As Do That There’s A Possibility That With Carrie Fisher Sadly Gone,That Both Mark Hamill And Harrison Ford Might Be Returning(As Clones Of Both Luke Skywalker And Han Solo) For STAR WARS:EPISODE 9(Unless J.J. Abrams And Kathleen Kennedy Decide To Make The Main Focus On Either Lando Calrissian,Chewbacca,See Theepio,Or Artoo Detoo) ?

Steven M.


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I'm just a simple genre cinema fan(NOT a fanboy and NOT a geek)who widely glimpses onto the latest in cinema news,cinema events,and world news of the day events,and just to warn you(especially if you're one of those politically correct elitists,or strongly despise folks that never brownnose the genre cinema media press):I do sharply bite.
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