The Conor McGregor Debacle

A lot has happened in recent weeks,with not only A QUIET PLACE becoming the week’s No. 1 film at the box office but also the likes of a crazy Palestine gal who shot up the headquarters of YouTube before being taken down(and shot to death) by the police,Russian bots infiltrating Facebook which got its creator Mark Zuckerman to testify in front of Congress(with the far right praying that this move would permanently destroy both Facebook and all of social media),and Conor McGregor getting into trouble over having an anger management issue and trashing a bus full of his fellow UFC fighters while they were all in New York for their event that happened during the WWE;s WrestleMania weekend.

Since this event took place during WrestleMania weekend,I thought at first it was all a work that both only Conor and UFC’s head chief Dana White were behind just to draw the attention away from WrestleMania in terms of how Dana overreacted to this happening and vowing to both fire his current moneymaking cash draw and have placed in jail,but in the later following days I realized that Conor did have a meltdown and that it wasn’t all an act(or a work) since this is all harboring upon whether o not Conor has a severe drug problem(as do several of the people in the UFC) since he acts like he is high on something,ala both Dana and his boy Joe Rogan.   I don’t want to speculate anything,but whatever is the case maybe hopefully Conor will straighten up his act and Dana will stop over-reacting since Conor severely needs Dana as much as Dana severely needs Conor as Conor will eventually get this thing behind him and work for the UFC again,otherwise losing Conor over something like this will only financially cripple the UFC since the fighters are the show over there and not the immersive egos of both Dana White and Joe Rogan.

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