Goodbye,ASH VS. EVIL DEAD. It Was Really Nice Knowing You.

Three years after it premiered on the Starz cable channel,Starz has announced today that the Season Three finale for ASH VS. EVIL DEAD will be its very last episode.

It was nice that Sam Raimi,Rob Tapert,and Bruce Campbell brought back Ash and his fight against the Deadites for the new generation of fans that loudly demanded for a new fourth EVIL DEAD film,with that very show being the answer since channels such as Starz was the only place to go for fully uncut and unrated gory violence amid Ash continuing his comedic persona that he displayed in ARMY OF DARKNESS and having the strong aid of two Hispanic twentysomethings in his fight against the supernatural world of demons and the undead.   Like THE WALKING DEAD,it started out strong with high television viewership ratings but as each season approached the ratings sank lower and lower.

Like many films and cable television shows,ASH VS. EVIL DEAD was also a popularly pirated program getting numerous torrent downloads with half of the fans and industry based people pointing the finger at the pirates,for as far as it goes with me I actually blame Starz for not having enough faith in wanting to continuing on the series,since AMC is still strongly sticking to THE WALKING DEAD despite its increasingly sinking TV ratings and the Starz channel being not available in several areas(ala the El Rey Network),as well as both the fans for not being faithfully there to watch the series on a weekly basis and Sam,Rob,and Bruce for growing tired of the series and feeling the urge to not continue on in furtherly carrying on Ash’s adventures as impended plans for a feature film based on the series was reportedly in the works but has been canned.

Neverless,it’s sad that we’ll never get to see the likes of not only Ash encountering and teaming up with Mia(Jane Levy’s EVIL DEAD 2013 character) to take on the Deadites,but also seeing Ash drawn into a battle with Captain Spaulding,Otis B. Driftwood,and Baby Firefly and the rest of the Firefly Family clan when they steal the Necronomicom to literally stir up Hell on Earth as that latter showdown would have been so fun to watch,for it was a good run while it lasted and I hope that Ash enjoys his permanent vacation since he has pretty much earned it.

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