With His UFC Career A Complete Bust,Where Does CM Punk Go From Here ?

This past week and weekend was a very complicated one for Phillip Brooks,better known to everyone as CM Punk as he won his court case against WWE doctor Stephen Amman,but scored a major career devastating loss to Mike Jackson at his second UFC match that took place in his own hometown of Chicago.

The UFC of the 21st. century isn’t a wrestling friendly place(even though it began in the 90s as welcoming wrestlers to join in on their Octagon ring fights) as the fans and the UFC employees are often known to be completely anti-wrestling in their meathead mentality as whatever MMA fighting skills that Punk displayed in his wrestling matches didn’t translate well in the UFC Octagon as the UFC/MMA world is a completely different atmosphere upon where an in-ring fighter has to adapt to a much different fighting style in order to succeed there,as Joe Rogan may have been a complete bunghole in calling Punk “a dumb worthless piece-of-shit” but he did make a good point in representing the attitudes of the anti-wrestling UFC/MMA fans who feel that Punk doesn’t belong in UFC/MMA as much as UFC’s head honcho Dana White(who I often disagree with an awful lot) did wisely tell Punk that it’s time to move away from UFC/MMA fighting(as well as publicly can both Punk and Jackson out of the federation).   Punk is pretty lucky that his two wrestling arch rivals The Hardy Boys Matt and Jeff didn’t show up to start up “Delete,Delete,Delete !!!” and “Obsolete,Obsolete,Obsolete !!!” chants to get both the audience and Jackson to get into(as well as maker the “Delete !!!” arm gesture) and screaming(and chanting) “Cookiepuss !!!(which Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson called Punk in one of his last WWE runs) at him(to humiliate him even further).

As Jackson will possibly show up in Bellator,one wonders where Punk will go from here,since Bellator possibly isn’t interested in obtaining him and there is still bad blood between him and the WWE,for since ROH(Ring Of Honor) is too small of a federation to obtain him with the likes of both All In(the Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks[they being the Jackson brothers Matt and Nick] backed wrestling event) and New Japan(where wrestling is respected[and represented] as a much more competitive sport) with their Wrestle Kingdom 2019 event being Punk’s best options should he ever feel the passion to return to wrestling,since New Japan would treat him like royalty and would pay him much better than both the UFC and the WWE can,for we all need now is for Punk to decide whether or not to make that very surprise appearance at either(or both) All In and/or Wrestle Kingdom 2019 as both of those events would likely resurrect Punk’s passion for wrestling should be ever decide to undertake it.

And BTW: I’m glad that President Donald Trump’s meeting with North Korea dictator Kim Jun Un went well and that he safely got out from that meeting without a scratch.

UPGRADE Rocks(!!!) While HEREDITARY Sucks(!!!),For Definitely See UPGRADE and The Trailers Of Both SUSPIRIA 2018 And HALLOWEEN 2018 Again.  And I’ll Patiently(And Wisely) Wait Until I See Both SUSPIRIA 2018 And HALLOWEEN 2018 In A Theater Before I Say Any Word On Them.

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